I crashed my '98 Kawasaki ZX6-R last spring and bent the frame. It was a low speed head on collision and I had the front brakes fully compressing the front suspension so the front forks did't get bent.

The bike had been in for a full tune-up 2 days before tha accident and is running great except for the bent frame and smashed side fairings....

This bike can't be driven on the road 'as is' and needs a new frame or the frame to be bent back. Might be able to bend the frame as its symetrically and only slightly bent.

-Freshly tuned engine running great, was protected from the drop by sliders
-Brand new front tire, less the 100km on it
-New flush mount front and rear turn signals
-Has on '02 tail and tail light making it sleeker
-Gas tank didn't get a scratch on it

Make me and offer. I don't have the time to bebuild it

Lots of pictures at http://picasaweb.google.ca/skiapex1/BikeAd

778 686 0770