Rider Down!
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    Rider Down!

    I was driving down Scott Rd. at about 1 pm today and saw a bike lying on it's side with the fairings and windshield scattered all over the place. Didn't see the rider, possibly taken away. Couldn't make out the bike but looked possibly like a 500cc Honda. It was white in color. Anyone from this board? Hope rider is ok.
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    I hope rider is okay too. I saw alot of road salt this morning.
    Many of the roads were probably still sheets of ice that the
    sun didn't melt out. Let's hope for good news....
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    Hope the rider is ok.

    Lots of slippery frost lately, 3 of the intersections I pass on the way to work had fresh shattered glass when I passed them on the way home.

    I also saw some sleepy/drunk guy run into the divider westbound on hwy1 through coquitlam (no sparks, I was disappointed) and back into his lane, then proceed to almost take the next 3 exits before swerving back. I couldn't see his plate tho.

    Bad day for driving.

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    Woah hope the rider is alright. Never cool to hear anything like that! Those panted lines can be slick when its wet and cold!
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