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    Costco is selling Garmin® zūmo™ 550 units for 799. I have been wondering about getting a GPS. Haven't really done any research yet.

    Has anyone here any experience with this unit or other Garmin units on a motorcycle? Any feedback would be appreciated.
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    I have the Garmin 750, wife bought it for me and now I can't live without it... even when I know where I'm going... I take it on the bike with me but usually keep t in a back back or tank bag.. it's not waterproof... Garmin does make bike specific units, but they are big $$$$
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    The Garmin Quest and Quest II are motorcycle specific, waterproof units. Remanufactured units are selling on the street at about $120. I love mine and I've had it for about 2 years. Yes, technology has moved on, but at $120 you can easily find out how well a GPS works for you.

    We recently bought a TomTom One (3rd Edition) for about $150. It should be called the TURD Edition. It's fast when it comes to recalculation, but it can't find real addresses worth a damn (particularly in Vancouver) and the voice commands are for crap. (The display shows a right hand turn and the voice says "Turn Left". It actually gave the instruction last week to "Turn Left Turn Right" - while I was driving in a residential neighborhood that only went straight.

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    We (family) used the Magellin (sp?) unit from london drugs. It's for a car. We used it on a major trip in a motorhome. The thing probably saved my mariage, 'cause there is no way we could have made through San Fran without it.
    I also used the same unit on my bike on a Laguna Seca trip,it worked great ...need gas? look for closest station.Need Starbuck...just program it in. Waterproof not really an issue in California or the interior for that matter.
    I would splurge and get one with a bluetooth earphone so you can keep your eyes on the road...they can be somewhat distracting.
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    If you buy a Quest or Quest2, pick the Quest over the Quest2. It has faster recalculation and is able to locate faster.
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