Infraction for NaVGixxer: Holy bad grammar batman. Entertaining but really
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Thread: Infraction for NaVGixxer: Holy bad grammar batman. Entertaining but really

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    Infraction for NaVGixxer: Holy bad grammar batman. Entertaining but really

    Post: Accident by your friends.
    User: NaVGixxer
    Infraction: Holy bad grammar batman. Entertaining but really. Please try to make things readable on the forum. Thanks
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    Holy bad grammar batman. Entertaining but really
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    HI every one im jack. and i dont really want to be an asshole and treat my friend like this but if he not think over wat i done and not think over our friend ship so yeah im down with u to the end WILL
    * i GIVE my bike for him cause i want him to save some ..... and i go to his house fix the bike for him with no cost ... oh and when i came to fix his bike he have no tools . so i end up have to go back to my house and bring my tools and do him a favor. that how i treat my friend THAT WAT I THOUGH. and now he bring all this shit here and being an asshole . and that how he treat me. THANK U VERY MUCH WILL. if u not happy with my brother then call the police or call icbc . dont have to be like an asshole and change ur word like a punk over here
    * This is how the true of accident. we go for a ride . my brother he is the LEARNER . i though we go for a ride and have a good time . but then he set up the route that he never been and i dont know the route too . and end up he go to the mountain route with no pavement . he stop first im in the second but then i didnt stop beside him cause i almost drop my bike too so i have to let my bike go a little bit up to the hill for a safety stop. and then my brother stop at the last when he already fully stop but then he step on the rock that why he drop the bike at this point my brother never hit his bike yet .
    * after he drop the bike he ask for his help to pick up the bike then WILL drop his bike . but his bike was ok cause he have frame slider . and my brother dont so my brother bike have some scratch on the fairing . at this point he took a look over all his bike and it was ok. so i though everything is cool . and after a while they both look at their bike and WILL saw a little scratch but it not even go deep to the paint . that mean u cant wax it of all a little touch up paint . so he said it ok . and i said that i will help him fix the scratch,
    *My brother try to thanks him and sorry for the think that happen because he try to help him pick up his bike that why he drop the bike too . but not BECAUSE OF THE scratch. and he said to my brother "it ok thing like that happen all the time" because they both drop the bike . and my brother bike never contact with his bike. so that meant no buddy fault. so just go fix the bike ur self . AND i though we all cool.
    *But then i talk to him over msn after two day and the he said to me that he really pissed of because the scratch . and the way he talk like he give me an oder that i have to fix the scratch look like original all my brother have to buy him a new fairing . so wtf is that WILL WHO DO U THINK U R. and i'm really pissed of too so i give him my brother # and he try to call my brother but he was at work that why his fone was of. so Will call me back and said. U BETTER TELL UR BROTHER TO CALL ME . All im gonna call the police and icbc. and if i can not claim icbc im gonna find the way to get it back.
    * so i call my brother and tell him to call WILL . in this situation i just want them to work it out but end up Will talk to my brother like a gangter not like a friend. he said if u not pay ME im gonna call my BUDDY . u scare my brother my brother said that WTF do u want . ill meet u now . and today my brother just go to ICBC but they dont know who fault yet.
    THANK U VERY MUCH WILL . and u really scare me man .
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