Jan 8, 2003


Dutch rider Mark van Rosmalen was inspired by ice racing enough to create some home-made Dunlop tyres, and have a go himself.

Unfortunately, the ice cracked on Hollandís biggest lake, the Yselmeer, leaving his ZXR750 to do an impression of the Titanic. Van Rosmalen suffered an injured neck, and plenty of embarrassment, but once the bike had been recovered it still started first time.

Van Rosmlaen said: " There were loads of skaters on the ice and we didnít want to run into one with spike tyres so we went out of their way, thinking the ice would be at least 20cm thick.

" I was happily riding along in third gear, but thought I had better slow down a little so shifted down to second, and when I started to brake and put weight on the front wheel, thatís when the ice broke. It was more like 5cm thick! "

Strangely, van Rosmlaen says he intends to have another go as soon as it gets a bit colder.

taken from: http://www.gixxer.com/forums/ubb/ult...;f=44;t=000342