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Thread: non energy conserving oil

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    non energy conserving oil

    my manual suggests i use non-synthetic motor oil for the first 10,000 kms and that i use motor oil without the energy conserving circle on the label. the only kind i found without the energy conserving circle was a quaker state for vehicles over 120,000 kms.
    can anyone suggest a motor oil without the energy conserving circle?

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    Any motorcycle oil from a motorcycle shop. If you only want to buy from Crappy Tire or something like that look for Shell Rotella-T. If you do a search you will find a ton more information.
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    As Flow said, you need a motorcycle specific oil, very few car oils are "not" energy conserving..

    Even Canadian Tire has M/C oils... Amsoil 10 - 40 appox $12.00/litre... Castrol 10 - 40 about $5 a liter and Can Tires's own M/C oil (which is just fine) bout $3 a liter...
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    Most of the heavy duty diesel truck oils such as the Shell Rotella mentioned above are non-energy conserving, as are specific motorcycle oils.

    I used the Shell Rotella from Crappy Tire for break in oil. Cheap, good oil from what most of the people that get oil analysis done post.

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    +1 for Castrol GTX 10-40. I've been using it forever.
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    Castrol 5w50, 5w40
    Mobile1 5w40, 5w50
    Any quality diesel engine oil (15w40, 20w50)

    Those are what I put in my bikes.... never have clutch problems.

    ANY 5w20, 5w30, 10w30 are ALL ENERGY CONSERVING, DO NOT USE.
    If you can find OLD oils (......motorcycle oil is basically outdated oils in the SG spec where they never have to meet Emission Standards etc like cars do)

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