good camping locations on water east of chilliwack
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Thread: good camping locations on water east of chilliwack

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    good camping locations on water east of chilliwack

    our vancouver island camping trip is a no-go.. so we wanna go somewhere either in the interior more (osoyoos) or even harrison lake area..

    - wanna be on the water
    - no government (family) camp site.. we will be pounding music late
    - preferably isolated from other people entirely

    any suggestions? if u pm me with a good site i will trade u with my secret spot on the island .. basically a private lake up a logging road that nobody knows about.. fits up to 6 vehicles/tents

    help plz.. long weekend is near

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    Go up the right side of Harrison Lake. Head down Rockwell and you will eventually hit Sasqautch park. There is SO many spots you will find as you head along the logging road. Alot of them have picnic tables as well. Water is cold, but I think it would fit the bill perfectly. You can be as secluded as you want to be if you're willing to hike a bit away from your vehicles.
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