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    If you have an extra helmet please bring one! Sports bikes are more than welcome! BCCOM is for all motorcyclists not just Harley riders, and the best

    23rd Annual MLA Ride

    BCCOM Today, 12:54 PM Go to last post

    A few months ago I rejoined BCSB after a 10 year hiatus and I've noticed that a lot has changed. This forum used to be really, really vibrant in the

    It's getting out of control.

    Porschenut Today, 12:45 PM Go to last post

    i run all seasons all year long on my 05 sebring. it seems to do just fine here in the winter. vancouver "winters". HAH! It manages just fine

    Winter/summer rims/tires

    digirat Today, 12:35 PM Go to last post

    What's shocking about this thread is the implication that there are threads on BCSB that actually _have_ value. Shed thread not-withstanding.

    threads with zero value

    jeckyll Today, 12:33 PM Go to last post

    He hibernated. There's no real human research on this since the stakes are bit too high for anyone to roll the dice enough times to create a reasonable

    A Teenager Somehow Survived a Five-Hour Flight in a Jet's Wheel Well

    Danke Today, 12:07 PM Go to last post

    What's even more special (and more a bit more universal) is when you have an uncommon bike; maybe rare, maybe the only one for thousands of miles. And

    How to colour your TI exhaust.

    Danke Today, 12:05 PM Go to last post
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    Outstanding ads on craigslist for motorcycles.

    Thread Starter: brani_ca

    My god it just it rubs me the wrong way when i go to check out what is for sale and i see such stupid adds for sale does anyone had the interest to go and tell these idiots to stop cause they can't get what they want. i dono for me it just rubs me the wrong way. god dam...... like this dude ...

    digirat Today, 11:00 AM Go to last post

    2014 Motorcycle Picture Challenge (not tag)

    Thread Starter: FrostyF

    I've played this before on another forum and it's pretty awesome. Please note that this is a challenge based game, which isn't geographically dependent like the tag game. Please treat them separately. RULES Take a pic of your bike to satisfy the current specific challenge. * If it...

    Danke Today, 11:58 AM Go to last post

    Your thoughts on safety for newbie

    Thread Starter: Pumxee

    Hello everyone! I am a new rider from Vancouver and I have always wanted to get a bike and ride. I am now finally at a stage and age in life where I feel it is appropriate to do so. I am not a thrill seeker and don't see myself breaking any speed laws. Never have never will. I am safe and...

    Badial Yesterday, 10:14 PM Go to last post

    Looking for a legit place to get my suspension resprung/revalved on the Island.

    Thread Starter: Badexample

    Moved to the Island last September, looking for a legit place that offers suspension services for sportbikes???.. My rear shock need some care..:rockon Thanks a lot!

    Badexample Today, 12:01 AM Go to last post

    West Vancouver police cut off longboarder by driving in the oncoming lane

    Thread Starter: Penguin

    Ms2uared Yesterday, 03:26 PM Go to last post

    Sea To Shitshow | Friday April 18

    Thread Starter: CoolDaddyGroove

    Wowee Wow Wow! Afternoon ride to Squam-Pose with Libby, NSGSXR, Asian-Jay and friend (yup, you know me, can't remember a name for shit). Two radar traps between Cariboo exit and 2nd Narrows bridge plus SEVEN MORE on the way to Squamish. I've never seen so much heat on that road. Best part? US,...

    spero Yesterday, 07:37 PM Go to last post
    Commuter Boy-2042

    Please help ID hit and run motorcyclist

    Thread Starter: Spidey

    On April 10th, 2014, at approx 11:00 pm, a motorcyclist was involved in a collision with a grey Honda Civic on Sea Island Way at Sexsmith Rd, Richmond. The motorcyclist collided with the vehicle and crashed to the ground. The rider picked himself (and his bike) up and rode off without stopping...

    Commuter Boy Today, 07:52 AM Go to last post

    Recommendations for box set surround sound?

    Thread Starter: malamikigo

    I'm looking to buy some surround sound for condo living. Anyone been shopping for anything recently like this and know what's good/new/unique out there right now? Looking to spend maybe $750-ish at the top end. Can't imagine I'd need to spend more than that to get some good movie sound in...

    Squint Yesterday, 07:13 PM Go to last post

    Frosty I dare you.

    Thread Starter: Cuff

    I dare you not to post in this thread. You have two to three posts per page in every other thread. This one is off limits to you. Every other member can post here regarding any topic they chose but you may not. If you do post here, you lose. No matter what the topic at hand is at the...

    CoolDaddyGroove Yesterday, 01:37 PM Go to last post

    The 10+ year club

    Thread Starter: miraclejoe

    Somehow I missed my 10th year anniversary as a member on here. For the rest of you long time members, any highlights? Members that stood out? Good rides?

    FASTn50 Today, 09:20 AM Go to last post
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