: General Sportbike Chat

  1. Have you renewed your travel insurance yet ?
  2. Transporting laptop on bike?
  3. Duffy Lake road conditions?
  4. Any riders in Panorama Ridge/Sullivan Station area?
  5. Candy Run photos 2012
  6. Why you should wear your helmet even in states that have no helmet law.
  7. Any members on KTM?
  8. Sunday PM telephonica crash on S2S
  9. Poor/sad Triumph daytona 675 ...
  10. The California Office of Traffic Safety Lane Splitting Survey
  11. Ducati orders recall for several 2012 models
  12. hit and run last night on lougheed
  13. Marcie the Suzuki Mechanic
  14. why close a thread about a rider down
  15. nasty BSB accident - full face helmet ftw
  16. What does everyone think, worth it?
  17. Car backed into my Gsxr . Frusrtated !
  18. Bike stolen
  19. Stolen: 2008 GSXR 600
  20. yet another stolen bike :(
  21. Manning Park Ride in late May?
  22. British Columbia BCSB Stolen Bike registry
  23. transporting spare helmet
  24. Ktm rc8 tech school
  25. BCSB Stolen bike registry ideas
  26. Sea 2 Sky N/B Sat May 12. 2pm completely popo free.
  27. The three things you need in life
  28. Why small independent shops rock and the big dealers suck!
  29. California Superbike School or Other?
  30. Loving BC roads
  31. Where can I find replacement Engine Bolt?
  32. Who will be this years next big thing?
  33. open-piped Harleys ...
  34. Local riding groups run by people who actually ride
  35. recent ad campaign down under..
  36. Highway 20 Newhalem, Marblemount, Concrete WA. (LEO)
  37. Found lost license plate
  38. Hitch Mounted Bike Carrier
  39. ZX6R Swingarm
  40. Route Scout for Ride For Doug
  41. Shout Out to EMS
  42. I write about motorcycles for a living, am guest editing Jalopnik ask me anything
  43. Anyone got a Top-box for sv650 i could borrow?
  44. Riding with Newbies - pain in the a$$ but worth it?
  45. Natural Selection
  46. Triumph Daytona 675 - Repair costs?
  47. bandito is selling his gixx'r to buy a .................
  48. Vancouver Island Circle Route
  49. Anywhere local to buy wide motorcycle loading ramps?
  50. So... wtf!?!
  51. so im an idiot. need advice.
  52. 2012 NW200 practice sessions
  53. Is my mechanic trying to screw me?!!
  54. Two more on the hook
  55. All kinds of Bikes
  56. Average KM per season?
  57. Where to buy "PJ1 Blue Label Chain Lube"?
  58. Speed Trap Exiting Princeton Hwy #3 West
  59. Hemp Motorcycle Gear
  60. US cell service
  61. Hello from the Kootenays (Again!)
  62. Not An Oil Thread
  63. your favourite fighter
  64. Genius biker de-winterizes bike for weeks in his garage by revving
  65. Land Pirates lined up 12 bikes deep?
  66. ICBC Basic Vehicle Insurance Rating System
  67. To people on Vancouver Island that have the day off tomorrow Thursday May 24th, 2012
  68. Rebuilding a salvaged bike.
  69. Calling all 'Loops riders ...
  70. anyone have a BMW 05-07 GS? 07-10 R1200R? or 05-07 ST?
  71. Ninja 250 to a Daytona 675?
  72. Amusing article I came across..
  73. Optimum Pant Wearing Technique
  74. Important Court Decision today at 3pm.
  75. Classic mistake of Target Fixation
  76. My NEW AGV GP Tech
  77. Lasso a runaway bull from a motorcycle?
  78. Love the Washington Highway Troopers
  79. Anyone heading to Calgary that has loud pipes beware.
  80. Come Ride With Us program trailer STOLEN
  81. I need someone to do some welding work on my bike
  82. Full-face helmets banned in the philipines... violators to be shot
  83. Hayabusa Riders!!!
  84. Bimmer Boner
  85. Before and After
  86. Thanks for the warning,,,,speed trap on STS
  87. You must have projector to have hid's blah blah
  88. Stranded man in desert builds motorcycle out of his car
  89. Close call .. unmarked pick-up truck.
  90. 4 years with a VFR and onto a Vstrom
  91. Honda Center Burnaby
  92. Sore ass syndrome. Anyone recommend a local upholstery shop that can help me out?
  93. Aussie motorcyclist photod texting while riding - hands himself over to police!
  94. You thought Ducati parts were hard to get before......
  95. Manhole covers missing on the #1 westbound
  96. what have you hit?
  97. Universal sign for are you from BCSB?
  98. Litrebikes and Rain dont mix...!
  99. Media Relase regarding new motorcycle laws.
  100. Need a little help.....
  101. Coroner's Service Death Panel Review
  102. Anyone tow their bike like this ?
  103. Insurance company reviews/suggestions; Beacon, Chutter and/or Premier Marine Inc.
  104. Almost a 3rd of vehicle transactions were gifted
  105. locksmith who can code new key
  106. 2009-2011 Suzuki GSX-R1000 Recalled for Side Stand Interlock Switch
  107. Actual changes for motorcycle legislation
  108. recommended shops
  109. Panigale feedback?
  110. Kudos to Warren at Imperial ...
  111. First Track Daze of 2012 with WCSS, Monday, June 11, at Mission Raceway
  112. Yamaha riders, Yamaha will help pay for your track day!!!
  113. California trip planning
  114. Ducati tire swap
  115. Riding west from Grande Prairie to Vancouver
  116. ICBC Statistics
  117. 300 kilometer/hour motorcycle ride on Vancouver island
  118. New S20 Review
  119. Purchase Agreement (North Shore Suzuki)
  120. No-Mar Tire Changer
  121. Hey there you motoheads! Cali boy coming your way..please don't hold it against me!
  122. MC jacket repair??
  123. Loud pipes save lives!!!!
  124. Anybody with a yellow bike have a trial in court today?
  125. collector car and motorcycle show saturday june 9
  126. Dyna Beads
  127. Where can I get a key cut?
  128. Motorcycle Mojo magazine
  129. Riding south from Grande Prairie to Vancouver...
  130. Nice Read For You Nerds
  131. ? About GPS
  132. Rider Training .... No Helmet SAVES Lives!
  133. Anyone rode to Earls Cove? Or other 6-hr ride recommendation..
  134. was in a accident yesterday, other driver changing story on me now.
  135. Rider on road test pulled over by cop
  136. IOM TT Coverage
  137. Kerunt ...
  138. Coastal ride today,deadheads in the afternoon..
  139. Footage From 3rd Annual Hells Gate Candy Run
  140. Graphite Lock Lub
  141. Shout out to the WCSS ART Course crew today
  142. do you remember...
  143. WSBK spoiler spoiler spoiler
  144. This is within regulations, right?
  145. WTF is the deal with "modern motorcycling" on Commercial Dr???
  146. Feasting on Asphalt
  147. Battery dead again
  148. People checking to make sure if you are ok...
  149. Gear Survey for Capstone assignment
  150. WTF is the deal with "5th Gear Motorsports"
  151. Nexus Applications Take A While...
  152. New Shoes
  153. 2012 Isle of Man Arai
  154. Motorcycle Rental on Maui
  155. Anybody going? Pacific Yamaha Tire & Suspension Seminar today 6pm-8pm
  156. Track Daze, Friday, June 22, with WCSS at Mission Raceway
  157. Surrey bike lane accident
  158. RECALL on 1199 Panigale!!!
  159. On a hill
  160. Please mister sun..
  161. So let's talk batteries.
  162. Silverstone Moto GP spoiler
  163. Dunlop Q2's in the wet ... ??
  164. Pickup Trucks & Motorcycles?
  165. Larsons Weather Report
  166. Motorcycle USA - 2012 Superbike Smackdown IX Street
  167. 2011 fz 8
  168. Very lucky tonight
  169. Today MAY just be MY LUCKY DAY.
  170. Dumbass down
  171. Vancouver to Calgary in 2 days, mid-july, looking for route suggestions
  172. New tires -> worn them abit....
  173. Lotsa bikes getting towed downtown right now!
  174. Regarding new helmet laws/warnings.
  175. Track Daze now on Saturday, June 30th, at Mission Raceway with WCSS!!!
  176. This community rocks. Thanks Ray!
  177. When you sell your bike, do you let ppl get them inspected?
  178. My turn for some bad luck
  179. Who is riding down to the Laguna MotoGp this year
  180. WCSS ART School article
  181. Too good to be true
  182. Honda NC700
  183. Want to rent a dual purpose bike on the Island this August ...
  184. M.A.S Dyno, the final "Must Do" upgrade
  185. Anyone riding Sea to Sky on Sunday? Weather permiting..
  186. This is nice....
  187. Screw This Weather
  188. Maybe I shouldn't have done it, but I'm not sorry.
  189. Route Feedback needed for five day Oregon Trip
  190. New bike in the stable
  191. more sensationalism in the news:
  192. Question about new licensing...
  193. furry creek f**k up
  194. so you think you've got an EGO!??
  195. Looking for a good plastics painter...
  196. Just booked for the GP! (Best anniversary gift ever)
  197. Riding and driving in China
  198. No Bike Day
  199. New to BCSB
  200. Waving as you pass another rider?
  201. VanTT
  202. motorcycle accident yesterday #6 rd rmd 4:30pm
  203. Accident yesterday in Pitt Meadows
  204. a wooden motorcycle
  205. Stopped at a light yesterday and....
  206. Riding in Europe
  207. now THIS is foolish! bike on bungee!
  208. New to Vancouver, a few questions
  209. where to get tires mounted 2nite or this weekend???
  210. Gear Buying 101 - International Motorsports (Delta) vs. Holeshot Motosports (Langley)
  211. Kawi 636 Valve adjust
  212. Good Suzuki Shop
  213. WSBK goes with headlight stickers as a rule
  214. Replying to posts
  215. Noob - Suspension Help
  216. Pitt Meadows Track Day NEXT WEEK! Weather looks good! July 7th
  217. Here she is!!! Bought my first bike
  218. Crashed up the cut
  219. Anyone able to help?
  220. Track Daze, Monday, July 9th, with WCSS at Mission Raceway
  221. Suzuki GSXF1250/Bandit 1250 owner feedback
  222. Rainy Day Bike Picture Thread!
  223. Need a new battery, anyone know a good place to get one cheap?
  224. Riding to SoCal, way back suggestions?
  225. Paperwork forProject bike
  226. Can i haz summer?
  227. Riding from Vancouver to Calgary and back
  228. Viper Motorcycles announces......
  229. Question
  230. New Proposal regarding hp restrictions and changes to Graduated Licensing Program.
  231. Bought new tires for my Zx14. Where is the cheapest place to get them mounted
  232. bejewel my helmet: yay or nay?
  233. One piece suits for tall skinny guys?
  234. Its about time
  235. Shout out to Burnaby Kawasaki.
  236. C'mon CDG ... ???
  237. I just wanted to thank everyone..
  238. Seriously whats up with Mulholland Drive?
  239. In a bind
  240. Route Suggestions-----Portland---->Home
  241. Those That Travel With Saddle Bags
  242. New west dumb &*#@ alert!
  243. Around noon guy heading towards OakBridge towards Vancouver....
  244. Where can i find a stainless brakeline in stock?
  245. Stock clutch lever for an SV650? Got one? I need it.
  246. Can you ride 4G T_Moble FAST?
  247. If I didn't have bad luck I would have no luck at all
  248. Yamaha TRX 850
  249. Learn the TRUE danger of squidding from my mistake...
  250. New Bike Day