: General Sportbike Chat

  1. Impounds on s2s.
  2. what's the weirdest critter you've eber squished...
  3. Keeping the stable full....
  4. Looking for the real riders by way of "the wave"
  5. Carter advertising their sale this time
  6. The Pros and Cons of a Factory Supermoto
  7. Hipsters on Harley's?
  8. Thank you
  9. Cheap, insurable bike to mess around on?
  10. Distain for PRS
  11. Blair Lekstrom will not run again
  12. Yellow Ribbon for aggressive dogs... AND aggressive motorcyclists!
  13. Run away and Hide Disguises
  14. Dick on the Duffey
  15. Duffy or Mt Baker
  16. admin duhnt hav know bike
  17. Stolen!..Now Recovered Sep 9/12
  18. You need REALLY big balls to ride this!
  19. baker road report ...
  20. Canadian / BC highway speed limits: threat to machine and license
  21. YOU, road engineer!
  22. The post-accident mental battle.
  23. Frustrations with selling my bike... opinions wanted
  24. How do these Id&^&t get there licence
  25. Car tech and top secrets
  26. Sign girls
  27. Getting a bike shipped from Cranbrook to Fraser Valley
  28. First Duffy loop ride 7.5 hrs
  29. Bike Line Art
  30. Boston Bar "Suspected" bike thief arrested
  31. Slipknot, Mr. Slip knot to the courtesy phone
  32. 125'ers of the world...
  33. Rider down?
  34. Keystone repaving complete
  35. Attempted Robbery from Ducati shop in Croydon
  36. The Cost of being rescued
  37. Top Gear Has A Bike Vid?!!
  38. To retain or not? My written-off SV - pics included.
  39. A story about me and my 2002 sv650s
  40. Bandito Mexico TT
  41. Greatest show on Earth.
  42. Kids as passengers
  43. BCSB community generosity
  44. zx10 meets trailer! ouch
  45. Shout out to Motorcycle World
  46. 2013 Honda CBR500 & CB500?
  47. Update on Lane Filtering
  48. Rising sun metrics shop "2 thumbs up"
  49. Black & Silver
  50. Registering for Port Mann Bridge
  51. Bike Down (on top of me!)
  52. Return of the 636!
  53. Daytona 675 vs CBR 600RR
  54. so you take the MST on a trike
  55. Dallas Deputy Suspended for Arresting Motorcyclist With Head Cam
  56. Maybe a Supermoto wasn't such a great idea
  57. Check VIN online for stolen bikes???
  58. Highway 20 and Beyond
  59. Attention '82 - '86 Katana Riders
  60. To the guy who laid down the silver Kawasaki - Canada Way and Edmonds
  61. F#cking Yard Ape!
  62. A dozen or more BCSB's assembled to deploy in Cali.
  63. This Could Beat N. California.
  64. Duffy Lake incident today.... lesson learned!
  65. m/c crash in tunnel ...
  66. FJR 1300 info needed
  67. Scenic Ride on N Cascades Hwy: Pics and Video
  68. VIN check reveals something curious...
  69. Motorcycle Advice :)
  70. Quit our jobs, sold our home, gone riding...
  71. Wow, what a night for a ride!!
  72. Pfft only 103 mph
  73. Who stocks the best selection of gear?
  74. OH My! Has this already been posted?
  75. OH MY! I am embarrassed
  76. Race track, executive airstrip proposed north of Airdrie, Alberta
  77. Strange phenom
  78. Ducati Multistrada 'Granturismo' revealed
  79. Aussies propose licence changes
  80. Cool Litrebike dudes - Tame Street Stories Please......!!
  81. Speed limits for fuel economy? Simply limit displacement if FE the goal...
  82. Idiots stunting on the highway at Ride Of Century 2012 get roadblocked...
  83. New sport bike from Honda?
  84. GSXR lol
  85. Seafoam?
  86. Projector headlights useless on a bike
  87. Who needs a helmet when.....
  88. Trikes FTW?
  89. Avoid The Sea To Sky
  90. Do I have a valid argument to dispute my ticket?
  91. Bike knocked over - Quebec & Milross (By Science World)
  92. almost took out an entire herd of deer
  93. The diversity of cage drivers around the world.
  94. What is the best way to...
  95. ALWAYS be ready
  96. Brownie Points for Daytona & FIVE
  97. OPP sale on carbon fiber bodywork and Gilles Tooling parts
  98. commuting to work
  99. Revenue Collection in Washington
  100. Cool old Vancouver Motorcycling Photos
  101. So I'm commited to a passenger on my sport bike. Now I need help!
  102. Ride fakes injury to Red Flag race
  103. gas price as a tipping point
  104. is 99,959 kms too many ...
  105. Up Shifting with out using the clutch
  106. Sport Bike Cherry Popped (text heavy)
  107. Thieves suck.
  108. If you had to pick....
  109. Thumbs up to Ted @ Imperial
  110. Got hit by a challanger yesterday.
  111. importing a ducati?
  112. Heated vest
  113. bluetooth for helmets?
  114. The difference between motorcycles
  115. To the "ER" Gixxer guy with the yellow F4i following...
  116. K1200S 100,000 km ride report:
  117. Shipping a Bike I wanna Buy
  118. Burping in your helmet...
  119. Safe Mobility Plan in the City of Surrey
  120. Motorcycle Parking in Vancouver
  121. Now we are talking!!
  122. Help with Terminology - Title?
  123. Interesting estate sale
  124. Honda's Return to Dakar
  125. Seller back out of a sale
  126. Sumas Border
  127. Head on with a bus.
  128. Duffy Lake and Coq temps this weekend??
  129. Buying a dropped bike
  130. bcsportbikes injuries, fatalities and accidents involving others
  131. Silver FZ1 on S2S - Friday
  132. California Roads
  133. Sand Trap Warning - Oct 6 2012- Nordel & Hwy91
  134. When do the prices of bikes start to go down? Gear question as well
  135. bike down near corner of 237th and dewdney trunk road
  136. Working On A Day Like Today
  137. New s2s Police radar Tactic
  138. what is the one bike that you wish to have in the stable purely for nostalgia?
  139. Intercom
  140. The BIG OIL thread....all inclusive
  141. Deer in Rut, Daytime strikes are a concern.
  142. What cruiser to buy?
  143. Accossato
  144. Motorcycle gear survey
  145. Final Days of Riding Season
  146. Care and Control Test - Helmets off in Border Lineups
  147. ever want to blow up a cool picture of you rippin the twisties...
  148. Almsot binned it REAL bad yesterday ...
  149. ATGATT or Jeans?
  150. Sexy Naked Ladies on Sexy Naked Bikes
  151. A sad tale of a bike stolen and a man's sadness.
  152. motostarz?
  153. Free MCPARKING in NYC?
  154. Leaving helmet on bike
  155. They used a real person for this demo..
  156. BMW HP4 - I want one
  157. Buying/INstalling tires on a sunday?
  158. Got this little gem for my son today
  159. Tell me about Daytona 675's
  160. Storing bike for the winter
  161. Tappered Bearing and Wheel Bearings, Locally
  162. Bent swingarm spool
  163. Where to get bike insurance? icbc? Beacon?
  164. Updated Port Mann Bridge Toll Chart
  165. New Bike Day!
  166. little shout out to Bill at valley motorsports
  167. ROBOCOP's new ride!
  168. New Bike Day! - just in time for the rain..
  169. Tail of the Dragon ... smacks Harley rider in the face
  170. International & the Case of the Missing Bolt
  171. Maniac rider in surrey the other day!!
  172. ICBC Roadstar Package coverage
  173. Vancouver Transportation 2040
  174. traded the Husqvarna 610SM plus cash!
  175. Meter parking in Vancouver - warning and vent
  176. Hydroplaning is fun...
  177. Rider down lions gate bridge
  178. Some Things Never Change: Squidding in Baghdad
  179. Triumph Street Triple---Medium Term Report.
  180. Is there a proper way to fall?
  181. Court ruling
  182. FJR Cattle Drive
  183. Gas Station Rant
  184. Yamaha Triples in R6 & R1
  185. Best one yet...
  186. My bike found a friend
  187. Gordon Price on Motorcycle Parking
  188. Picked something up for my girl..
  189. no longer an issue to hit and run? wtf
  190. New Bike Day!!
  191. New Ducati dealer?
  192. New Bike!
  193. another gorgeous Italian
  194. Public Service Announcement TEFLON CHAIN LUBE
  195. Local bike shop competition
  196. 3d cycle-anyone deal with these guys?
  197. So it's been 4 years of riding in Hong Kong over the course of 3 bikes...
  198. Renting a bike in Mexico?
  199. American Suzuki Motors files for bankruptcy
  200. '07 aprilia tuono
  201. Dreaming of Europe ??
  202. Hydraulic Motorcycle Lift???
  203. on board race metrics for us non-motoGP riders?
  204. The Province: Storage 101
  205. Anyone bought a cargo trailer for motorcycles from trailersplus.com in Marysville WA?
  206. your next bike?
  207. Bad accident on Burrard
  208. Rider down on knight and 49th
  209. Make sure you register for the Port Mann free trips while bike is still on the road!
  210. Drz s
  211. Rider's fault/ Driver's fault ...
  212. Imperial Motorcycles
  213. Refusing to let go of summer
  214. Brake Upgrade Question
  215. New Bike Day - Long Wait until Summer!
  216. got turbo?
  217. Winter love thread. What's getting done to your bike? New gear too?
  218. riding tips
  219. Free online bike magazine
  220. New Ohlins magic
  221. Honda releases 6 new models for 2013 today incl CBR500R
  222. 2013 Ducati Diavel Strada
  223. here it is frosty , now shutup and put a deposit down already
  224. 2013 Triumph 675R
  225. confederate X132 Hellcat
  226. Gold Agusta MV
  227. How have you matured as a rider?
  228. A little wth! moment
  229. Stats on motorcyclists killing or injuring someone other than self and/or passenger?
  230. new superduke
  231. New 2013 Models
  232. an interesting experiment and observation while driving/riding
  233. Anyone want to lend me $50k
  234. New Bike Day in the wet!
  235. new addition to the BC drivers license test?
  236. Another Darwin Award
  237. Help me pick a windscreen tint!
  238. Dainese sale
  239. Trail Tech Voyager
  240. Black friday deals?
  241. New bike day!
  242. Did you lose your 2011 Triumph Daytona ?
  243. Anyone local stock Bell helmets?
  244. EU mandates ABS on ALL models starting 2016
  245. Probably worn clutch plates. Where to service?
  246. Guess who just bought what?
  247. Stalling,idling issues after a complete tune up or it pays to check out electrical.
  248. Am I motarded for even thinking this?
  249. Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR)
  250. What's the REAL deal with Treo?