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04-13-2002, 12:35 PM
Hey fellow street warriors. Anyone have advice about taking and riding a bike in Europe? Anyone wanna come? Me and a friend are planning on going to Eroupe NEXT summer (2003).

I am shipping my bike over and then probley gonna sell it there. I have heard many diffrent stories about prices in Europe. Some tell me that you can only get about the same as you would here. Some say you would get less and then I meet this guy at Carter a few weekends ago, (Cliff nice guy) and he told me that I could get way more there then here. Reasons like our bikes have no emmison controls on them so they are faster, more powerful. He also said that he is getting in to the bussness of shiping them over there and selling them.

Now I have to admit that I am always a unbeliver till I see profe. Any ways anyone have 1st hand info about any of this? Other questions I have are; How do go abouts Insureing it for the street there? Will it be alowed to be Insured there? Is the Insurence good for all of Europe? How bad do I have to worrie about my bike being stolen? (It is kinda of a heat score) About how much would Insurence and sending there cost me?

There is probley alot of other questions that I haven't asked that I should, so feel free to give your advice. Oh and how about houstal vs. cheep hotels or b&d's?


04-13-2002, 12:59 PM
i lived in France for a while, and rode over there alot. The idea of selling it there could possibly bring in more money then here, and its true that bikes over there are regulated to under 100HP. make sure you get your international liscence!!
As for the'll never want to come back. Not only the speed limits are way higher there than here, but there are so many twisties you won't know what to do. Especially riding south of France. i recommend you call the french consulate (if there is one here) and get information on hotels and maps (you can easily get lost). They should have that available. If i can come up with anything else i'll let you know. maybe i'll join ya!

04-13-2002, 02:50 PM
yeah, actually i spend half my life in spain with my dad and brother who live can definately get more for your bike there as long as you advertise it as "north american" version.....i've toured all through spain, france, italy, germany etc. and it's unbelievabe compared to here....

when are you going? i'm moving back to spain next winter:rider

04-13-2002, 03:36 PM
I am going at the end of June next summer. Will be there for 5 weeks and want to see as much as I can in those 5 weeks. I am thinking that I am going to start in England, Belguim, or Amsterdam, what ever is cheepest to fly to and ship my bike to.

Then down fairly quickly to Portagual with a stop in Paris. Heard that Paris is Highly over rated and expencive. Then from Portuagal I am hoping to ride through spain south france, Italy and if I have time take a ferry from Italy to Greece. I have been told that will take about 5 weeks and give me enough time to see the sites.

International licence, never even thought of that. How do I get that?

04-13-2002, 07:36 PM
Originally posted by Dafnip
International licence, never even thought of that. How do I get that?

Just go to a BCAA office and they can fix you up with one. I think the cost is around $25.00. You'll also need one or two passport photos too. They can do that there as well. I think they charge about $10.00 for the photos.

One of the motorcycle shows on the Speed channel (either Bike Week or Motorcyclist -- maybe both) recently did some shows from Spain. (The press launch for the FJR 1100(?) and R1 were held there.) They showed some of the roads they were travelling on. They looked very sweet. Plus, as an added bonus, Spanairds are crazy about bikes. (I gotta move. :D)

04-14-2002, 02:40 AM
hostels are great, they're usually much cheaper than the cheapest hotels, but they vary a LOT in quality depending where you are (Hint: London has some of the worst)...if you get a Hostelling International membership, you can stay at HI hostels, which are more regulated in quality. But then again, the quality varience isn't exclusively a hostel trait...Hotels can REALLY very in quality (if you go to a cheap can't expect much...especially in London, or Paris...I swear, Motel 6 is like 5 stars on the other side of the pond).

Hostels can be difficult to get a hold of though, because many do not take reservations.

It's even better If you go with a buddy and split the cost of a single room at a hostel. It works out to be as cheap as dormatory accomodations, except that you guys have the whole room to yourselves, so you're not sleeping with one eye open all the time. It also solves the problem of where to store all your stuff. Some hostels do not have locker areas to stash your stuff when you want to explore around town. So unless you want to risk having your stuff stolen, the only other option is to carry a gigantic backpack with you around town (not terribly pleasent).

04-14-2002, 01:05 PM
If you want more information on hostels check out this website: There should be links to HI international so you can scope out things in Europe. When I was in Australia recently I did all my hostel reservations ahead of time through the internet. Hopefully, you'd be able to do the same thing in Europe.