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03-03-2002, 05:34 PM
anyone know how the police chase ended on todays ride? ok I'm sure that got a couple peoples attention so I'll explain.
There was pretty good group for todays ride (I think around 12), and at one point we were doing laps around ____ island (sorry forgot the name) one guy stands up on his tank and went for quite awhile apparantly then saw a cop and hopped down and took an exit/offramp, the cop pulled a U or something and took off lights flashing. I was further ahead on the lap so I didn't see it, just heard about it from others. We lost half the people right about then

At this point we were thinking... shit did they all turn and run? We managed to meet up with them at spanish banks and found out that most of the group thought we had left (we had went around for a second lap) So they took off for spanish banks. In the end it sounds like the guy standing on his tank and his friend exited and gunned it. No one knows what happened.

Anyway, great ride guys. In two days I managed to put 340km on my new r6. There were a bunch of people taking pictures so lets get some up here.


03-03-2002, 05:44 PM
well if they dont post tonight, then we know the cops got em :(

I missed the whole thing cop thing, but I noticed some cops hiding in some of the parking lots down in annacis island when we were ripping it up....

03-03-2002, 08:05 PM
From AtomLowe:

I'd like to address stunting during group rides. I don't feel that stunting during such rides is appropriate. Adam and Jim worked hard to provide us with a local forum so that people could get together and have fun. I feel that stunting during group rides is a complete no-no. BCSB was created to promote a positive outlook on sportbike riders. BCSB is still very young and I would like to see it grow without prejudice from the Police and public. I would like to ask any persons interested in stunting to do it away from group rides. With stunting comes the chance of injury, arrest, and possible impoundment of your pride and joy. When riding in groups, stunting jeopardizes the whole group not just the individual. Please feel free to PM me with any concerns with regards to this post.


People please remember that because of the silly ways the law works in North America in general, that organized stunting and street racing can quite possibly get nailed on this website, and I and I'm sure all of you don't want to see this happen. Please keep this in mind when posting! Thanks!

Most people (me included) would love to learn how to wheelie, ride the tank, do a nak-nak, what have you. For those of you that can do it, please ensure that your not doing it when your in on a big BCSB ride, because not only are you putting the members in danger, your also possibly leading them to trouble with the law, not to mention the site. The last thing anyone wants is someone pullin' some stunt and landing right in front of you! I just about ran into someone who dumped his bike yesterday (I think a lot of you saw this) and he wasn't even trying to do anything, but this is a serious danger!

I'm not going to say, no stunt talk, no stunting allowd, but I am going to say when you get the group together, and you really want to show everyone what a large member you have, make sure they all want to see it first! :D



03-03-2002, 11:13 PM
Ya they got away.

03-04-2002, 11:09 AM
Originally posted by rusty360
Ya they got away.

that's just stupid, why did they run ? do they not have licences or something ? it just makes the matter worse when you run, making it more dangerous for yourself and others....damn people, use your brains....running from cops ? jeez.....what's next shotguns ? glad I wasn't on that ride....