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03-16-2002, 07:29 PM
Hey guys, this shammi, aka squid aka shizzam. I just got a new job at a science and nature store in the willowbrook mall, lol. Sounds gay but its cool. Any ways, we sell metal models of moto gp bikes, all honda nsr's, (different colours of course). We can also order cbr's, gixxers and yami's. The price for each is $200. But if uj take a look at them, its worth it. They feel real and look real. All the suspension works and they r sweet. I thought some of u might want to know about this. They r sweet though.

03-16-2002, 07:31 PM
I saw those bikes there today. Very lifelike. Are the wheels metal too, because they looked plastic. The rest of the bike was awesome though, and 1:6 scale!!!!

03-16-2002, 08:19 PM
:flip WELCOME:flip to the board Squid.

I've never seen a 1:6 scale model of a must be huge. Have you got a brand name or anything so I could find a website?


03-16-2002, 09:45 PM
:flip Welcome :flip thanks for the tip on the models

03-16-2002, 10:44 PM
tires are rubber, its almost the real thing. the store is in the willowbrook mall and its called science and nature.

03-16-2002, 11:04 PM
Oh man, can you find out who makes them so we can check 'em out on the web? Sounds like a great birthday present for me. :D

03-17-2002, 12:16 AM
My friend has ROSSIs NSR, i think it is the same one you are talking about, it is big and looks really nice

03-17-2002, 02:02 AM
No way! 1:6!!!! Where's willowbrook mall again? I haven't been there in ages!! I'm gonna check that out first thing on monday!!!!!
I don't have the money, but i'm sure Uncle Visa will spot me a few bucks.......