View Full Version : Pipes too loud?!...Ticket!!

03-21-2002, 11:55 AM
I have only been riding in vancouver for two years, and I have some pretty roaring pipes on my bike( loud for some,Music to my ears). I have been told about people getting pulled over and getting tickets cause their pipes exceeded allowable decibels and were worn to change the pipes or else.( I would imagine that it can be an expensive venture) I am trying to get a feed back as to what you guys do in the aspect you do get pulled over, and how you handle it. in my life loud saves lives, and I know that there are only two inspection areas to bring your bike in to fix or change your pipes to avoid getting fined. Is there a way to reduce the authorities from pulling us over. Last i checked Harleys are way louder than most of bikes.

03-21-2002, 12:54 PM
I haven't heard of too many sportbikes getting nailed for loud pipes.. I usually just go up a gear or two as I cruise by one.

If you get pulled over, shut the bike off before they get out of the car.. ;)


03-21-2002, 01:23 PM
don't the cops just pull you over at checkpoints just for the purpose of testing your pipes?

03-21-2002, 02:12 PM
I remember they did that for bikes heading into downtown because of the residents complaining. Damn westenders. They setup at the end of the Burrard Street Bridge.

03-21-2002, 04:14 PM
They can't afford to do it anymore. They have no budget for it. But excessively lound pipes usually found on Harleys and the like are the one they really want.

03-21-2002, 09:54 PM
to achiece the loudest sound from a pipe, is not to have any pipes at all. hahahahhahaha