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Thread: Tire reviews.

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    Maker- Michelin
    Model- Macadam 90x
    Size- Front- Rear- 120/70/17, 180/55/17
    Installed on - 2000 VTR
    Ridden for_7000 Kms
    Rating- 4

    These were the OEM tires that came with the bike. In a word, scary. Don't know if they ever warmed up as they never grabbed. Only got 7000 out of the rear and the front cupped at 5k.

    Maker- Bridgestone
    Model- Battleax 010
    Size- Front- Rear- 120/70/17, 180/55/17
    Installed on - 2000 VTR
    Ridden for_8000 Kms
    Rating- 2

    Much better, they inspired confidence in the tires and let me concentrate on my riding. Not too much more I could ask from a tire at my skill level. I feel that this tire is the best bang for the buck right now.

    Maker- Bridgestone
    Model- Battleax 012
    Size- Front- Rear- 120/70/17, 190/50/17
    Installed on - 2002 Zx 9R
    Ridden for_8000 Kms
    Rating- 2

    OEM tire. Hard to compare the 012's to the 010's as they were on 2 different bikes but they felt much the same. The 012's had a tendency to step out in the rear a bit more but that could be the difference between a twin and IL4. I am replacing these with the 010's.

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    Ktm 1190,ThruxtonR 1200'Drz4


    Gee! You guys that hate the Bridgestones b010 must be expert racers!British Bike magazine rated them the best in wet and cool weather and they also won the dry weather test in 2002.They like them very much.The Dunlop 207rr were rated last!Check out the January Bike magazine ,Good test.I have went through at least 4 rears on my Busa and have replaced them with B010s every time on the front as well ,I find them a great tire,I also use them on the dragstrip as well they hook so well.And no bitch strips left must be getting it over a bit.

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    Zx6 07, Crf 450r, Yz250f
    Maker - Dunlop
    Model - D207
    Size - Front - 120/70 ZR17 (29 psi), Rear - 180/55 ZR17(32psi)
    Installed on- 2001 R6
    Ridden for- Time not Kms
    Rating 2

    I know this will not apply for most, but it's info any way.

    I didn't have my R6 ready intime for the first day at PIR last spring, so I borrowed a friends bone stock R6 for the Saturday practice. It had the OEM rubber on it and I didn't want to take them off until Sunday raceday. I was very surprised at the grip they had even with the ambient temp around 65 deg f. They warmed up very quick, I had good feed back till they got really hot. After the 4th lap I found the front would tuck, and I would get big front wheel slides out of turn#1. The rear tire felt good but didn't give me the confidence that I was used to, but it seemed to grip well till it to got hot. I let the tires cool for a lap and they would come back. Overall I liked it for a street tire, and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be on the track. Oh there was 4500 ks on them.

    After the day at the track, which was four 20 minute sessions, they didn't look real good. The front was cupped bad and the rear was down to the wear markers with some big chunks gone.

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    Ktm 1190,ThruxtonR 1200'Drz4


    Oops! bridgestone b010 190/70/17 rear,b010 120/70/17 front i get about average 3500km to 4500km rear if no burnouts and about 7 to 8000km from front.On a 2000 Hayabusa 1300 lightly modded. I don't know what i would rate them at as i am not a expert Although they are very predictable and give lots of warning before braking loose.The only thing i find that because they are so sticky they tend to wear quite rapidly at high speed probably because they heat up fast.I am buying them again!Also they are priced at a affordable price compared to other exotic tires.

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    Hong Kong
    mc28 sp
    Maker: Bridgestone
    Model: BT 010
    Size: 180/55
    Installed on: '98 Kawi 6R
    Ridden for: 7000 kms
    Rating: 2.5

    I've found there tires to stick great in both dry and wet weather. They get really sticky after only a little bit of riding. The profile of the tire made it much easier to roll from side to side, thus improving turning. I've never lost my back end around the corner so i'd say these tires are very confidence-boosting. I'd get these again!

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    Model-Pilot Sport
    Size- Front- 120/70-17 Rear- 180/55-17
    Installed on- CBR 600
    Ridden for- 10,000 km
    Rating- 1.5

    Comments- OK, I'm not sure what rating to give these tires as they are the first set on this bike and I don't have much to compare to. But I know that they hold their ground in the corners and at 10,000 km they aren't anywhere near dead yet. I hope to put on another 10,000 km before trying the BT012SS.
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    maker: bridgestone
    model: bt010
    size: front-120-70-17 rear- 190-50-17
    installed on: cbr 929rr 2001
    ridden for: 4600 kms
    rating: 1.5
    A certain improvement over dunlops 207's on my f41 2002. Better feel and rideability and they don't slip at the rear when going over those black patch lines they put on the roads

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    04 Kawi Z1000,
    A link to the new Pirelli Diablo courtesty of Dee604. Thanks Dee.


    Remember folks. If you find a site with a test review or new product debut feel free to post a link to the page here. Please don't copy the material directly though. If it's appropriate I'll ask them for permission myself if you PM me the details.

    Track test comparos are a perfect example. But no magazine scans please. That's copyrighted material. But post up a notice about the magazine and month so others can buy it.
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    Nov 2002
    1993 CBR900RR
    Model-Sport Pilot rear
    Installed on-93 CBR900RR
    Ridden-aprox 5000 kms
    Rating 1

    Sorry guys, haven't used many street tires, I ride on all my GP take-offs but I do use the above tire and have no complaints, it warms up fast, has awesome grip, I can hammer the throttle cranked over and hooks up, like my 208GP's, works well in the wet and in the cold-when we went up to Squamish with ice on the road, heated up fast and not a squirm.
    I am trying the street new Dunlop 208 when bike is reinsured.

    February's Sport Rider has a race tire comparo, pretty interesting, but basically, there is no difference. They were all so close, it comes down to price and preference!!!
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    Maker- Kenda
    Size- I'd have to go to the garage and look.
    Installed on DR350 Enduro, rear. Think there's a Pirelli on the front
    Ridden-Vegas and California desert. Some BC riding.
    Rating-At $80 who cares?

    Handles sand well. Knobs seem to get ripped off by sharp rocks though Seems to also handle wet crap up here

    Overall rating? ...............Can't beat the price

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    2001 ZX6R
    Read th march edition of Cycle Canada for a through review on the new Avons....

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    Naked SV
    Maker - Michelin
    Model - Pilot Sports
    Size - Front 120/70/17, Rear 190/50/17
    Installed on - 2000 CBR 929
    Ridden for - 18,000 Km
    Rating - 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 1.5

    I would consider them a very good tire, they are pretty sticky and they did wear well. Not so good in the rain, I had the rear break loose on more than one occassion but I was also a tad throttle happy on the 9 so it may have been a bigger contributor than the tires. I was happy enough with them to buy a second set when the stock ones were toast.

    Maker - Metzler
    Model - Sportec M-1
    Size - Front 110/70/17, Rear 150/60/17
    Installed on - 2000 DRZ 400S
    Ridden for - 6,000 km
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 1

    These are awesome tires, I totally love them so far. They warm up quickly, and are very sticky. They are also really good in the wet, which is pretty cool. I am hoping they last a reasonably long time, since they perform so well I am a little concerned with tire life and do not want to have to replace my tires every 10k. But so far they still look newish, so after a few thousand more kms I will update this post.

    UPDATE: They did not last very long, mainly because supermoto's run psi's so much smaller than sportbikes but overall they are a kick ass tire and I would not hesitate to run them on a sportbike.

    BTW, great idea Bruce! It would be cool if you could somehow get everyone to follow the same format to make things easier, maybe create a 'Complete a Tire Review' link that would have the format you desire instead of relying on the person to copy and paste. I also agree with Harps, why limit ourselves to just tires? We could use the extra feedback on other items like helmets and clothing.
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    size-can't remember front 140-55-17 rear
    installed on-88 cbr 600
    ridden for-3000km

    I've had good luck with these tires. They warmup quickly and have stick quite well when its wet. They don't seem to wear very fast at all either. Possibly because they're bias-ply tires and everyone else seems to run radials. Unfortunately bias-ply tires are all thats available to fit my bike. Good tires though. I would recommend them to anyone who has an older machine that can only use bias-plies
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    Surrey what
    Maker - dunlop
    Model - maxsport
    Size - Front 120/70/17, Rear 170/6017
    Installed on - 1989 GSXR 750
    Ridden for - about 50 km
    Rating - 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 4

    These tires lick ass. The rear has a fat groove in the center like its a freakin aquatread. I think its a touring all season tire. I just bought the bike and these are what the guy had on. What was he thinking? Now i'm deffinatly an amature rider but these tires suck. I found myself "a little" uneasy in the corners as they don't sit like the tires i had on my buddies 88 gix(don't remember the brand -2wheelbandit help me out here ). Perhaps its just my sub par riding abilities but i think i'll just blame it on the tires. So needless to say i prolly gonna pick up a new dunlop rear. 208's look good.
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    Feb 2003
    1978 Twinstar 185
    Maker - Bridgestone
    Model - Battleax BT45
    Size - Front 110/70/17 Rear 140/70/18
    Installed on - 1990 FZR600
    Ridden for - about 75km's (so far)
    Rating - 4.5 (1 poor, 5 good)
    Comments - I have to break them in still but so far they are a joy to ride with. Cornering with them is a breeze now. My last set of tires was a mix-match set and the rear was squared off. That was a b?tch to corner with. But now she lays over and tracks real nice. I'm glad I chose these one's instead of the BT010's (which I hear are really good tires as well). I recommend these tires to anyone who wants a nice sport tire and does highway speeds and town speeds.

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