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Thread: Tire reviews.

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    Nov 2002
    maker - Pirelli
    model - diablo street
    size front - 120/70-17, rear 190/55-17
    installed on- 2001 rc51
    ridden for 6,500 kms
    rating (1/excellent - 5/terrible) - 2

    comment: this tyre was ok. didnt heat up very fast and never stayed warm. i will be trying the BT014 next! loved the 010's. had 207 as stock tyres. they never slipped but i never trusted them.

    i ride like a granny any ways, what the hell do i know.

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    Feb 2003
    1981 XS650
    maker - Pirelli
    model - dragon evo
    size - front: 120, rear: 190
    installed on - 1997 TL1000S
    ridden for 5000 kms
    rating - 1 Excellent

    these tires seem to be made for my TL, i have done all kinds of riding, from the ART race school to the whistler, pemberton, lilloet, then back to abbotsford loop and sunday blasts to harrison. they grip incredibly and were very impressive at the track and they seem to warm up real quick. the only thing is that the TL is tire hungry so they don't last forever. but i'm sold on pirelli.

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    Seven Potatoes
    Motordirex Suzuki
    I can pick up a set of D207rr's for $500, or should I go with D208ZR's?

    I was simply gonna go with the rr's, as they were recommended by a friend who races.

    Any input would be sweet.

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    Question Stock D208 vs. "After Market" D208

    Maker - Dunlop
    Model - D208
    Size - Fat
    Installed On - 2003 R1
    Ridden for - 8000 kms
    Rating - 2 . . . I think. See comments/questions.


    I hear rumours that there is a difference between the stock 208's on the '03 R1 (or other bikes if they come with them), and the 208's one would buy of the shelf after the stock 208's are worn out. Is this true? If so, what is the difference? Reason for asking: I'm in the market for new tires as the 208's on my R1 are looking a little bit long in the tooth at 8000km. I found the stock 208's okay, but I've never tried a different tire other than the stock 208 (the '03 R1 is my second bike after 3 years of cutting my teath on an '89 750 Katana, which was a great learner bike for me).

    What would you folks recommend for a 5000-7000km tire? Longevity isn't what I want in a tire. I want stickyness stickyness stickyness . . . but not a race tire that takes a 1/2 hour to warm up. Pirelli seems to have a good tire, but reviews are rather sketchy in regards to tires, and I'd rather hear it from a broader review pannel than just one "Journa-G.P." reviewer who only rides on warm tracks in Spain.



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    Ol' Bug Teeth
    Sorry... this got a little long...so I divided it into two posts...

    Part 1 of 2

    Maker- METZELER
    Model- ME-33 Laser
    Size- Front- ...er... damn! don't remember
    Installed on- OK, it was an old GS400E Suzuki - great little courier bike...
    Ridden for 10000 Kms or so until I sold the bike...
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible-__ 1
    Comments- Holy Shit! What a difference!

    So If I may summarize, and add my two cents:

    Until you had your first orgasm, you didn't realize how amazing it was. Until you ride your first set of Metzelers...

    I notice my opinion is corroborated by everyone else who ever rode a set of Metzelers - they all gave them a perfect rating of 1 (1 excellent/5 poor). See clips below.

    Make: Metzeler
    Model: M1
    Size: 120/70R15 180/55R17
    Installed on: Honda F4
    Ridden: 4,000 km
    Rating: 1
    Comments: Excellent tires! They make turns very smooth and easy.

    Maker - Metzler
    Model - Sportec M-1
    Size - Front 110/70/17, Rear 150/60/17
    Installed on - 2000 DRZ 400S
    Ridden for - 6,000 km
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 1

    These are awesome tires, I totally love them so far. They warm up quickly, and are very sticky. They are also really good in the wet, which is pretty cool.

    Maker- Metzeler
    Model- Rennsports
    Size- Front 120/70/17 - Rear 190/50/17
    Installed on- 1999 TL1000R
    Ridden for - 1000 Kms
    Rating- 1 Excellent
    Comments- Used them at the tradex race school, stick like glue

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    Ol' Bug Teeth
    PART 2 of 2

    I used to work as a motorcycle courier here in Vancouver, so I used to ride 10 hours a day, rain or shine. I swapped out a crappy Dunlop for this Metzeler on the front - the legendary ME 33 Laser. I COULD NOT BELIEVE how well that tire stuck in the rain. (And the dry too, of course.) It was like I'd got a new bike - suddenly I could rip into corners, regardless of the road conditions.

    Point of interest: All other tire makers make two different sets of tires: there are the tires which they use on their track bikes for races and such - and then there's the ones they actually sell to the public. TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT CATEGORIES.

    METZELER is the only company in the world that actually RACES ON THE SAME TIRES THEY SELL TO THE PUBLIC. Frankly I think that says it all...

    So to summarize from everyone's posts...

    Dunlop - generally not so hot...
    Michelin and Bridgestone - similar, and better than Dunlop
    Pirelli - pretty good
    Metzeler- seem to be the best
    (They are one company BTW. Pirelli bought Metzeler ages ago)

    These will be my next set of tires: http://www.us.metzelermoto.com/produ...mageField.y=15

    here is there main page: http://www.us.metzelermoto.com/produ...logo/index.asp

    Kudos to Tee-Tee for starting such a useful thread. (Although in the future, could we make it: 1 bad / 5 good ? Seems to make more sense to me... like 5 stars or whatever).

    THANKS ALL for the great information!!!

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    Member #899 Array Squire's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    2008 Beemer (touring)
    Maker- Bridgestone
    Model- BT56F
    Size- Front- 120/60 ZR17 Rear- 160/60 ZR17
    Installed on- 2001 Bandit 600S
    Ridden for 27,500 kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 2

    Comments- These tires lasted me for longer than I thought that they would (I probably should have chucked them a lot sooner). The tread was breaking up a bit, there were high & low spots, and the tread was getting a bit low but for the most part they were great tires – they came with the bike when I bought it. I was always a bit skeptical about their gripping power in corners so as a result of the comments on this thread, I have replaced my tires with BT010’s (both front & rear) and will report on my experiences with them. I suspect that they won’t give me as many kms but a lot more grip.

    Thanks for the great reviews everyone!!
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    lets try this again
    size-120/70/17 front, 190/50/17rear
    installed on- zx-10r
    ridden 5000kms so far
    comments- this is what came on the bike,and so far they havebeen goodto me. i was pretty nice to them for the first few thousand k's, have been through alot of rain on my trips up north. they felt good on the wet and as long as i take a few minutes to warm them up they good. thethere is still loads of tread but i'll have to see how they hold up. seeing as this is my first good bike i don't no what to rate them, but i'll post in a few thousand k's to how there holding up.

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    Mar 2004
    2004 gsxr 750

    Thumbs up

    model-Pilot Power
    size-190/50/17 and 120/70/17
    installed on- GSXR 600 (03)
    Riden- 500 km

    I put these brand new tires on to try since no one in town has them. They feel alot like the 208's and they are great in the heavy rain. They warm up fairly quick and the wear seems to be like the 208 but they only have 500km. In my opinion if you like the Dunny 208's you like this babies. I now have 4000 + km on and I have found that they are very responsive with excellent grip. I will be putting another set on when these are toast. I like them better than the 208's more feel.
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    SoundJunkie Array kingjoro's Avatar
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    May 2004
    05 919
    Size- Front- Rear- 170/60-17 120/70-16
    Installed on- '93 gsxr 750
    Ridden for 2000 Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 2.17
    Comments-put these on and rode to port renfrew from van, they got stickier as they warmed up and my confidence rose and rose. the hwy to port renfrew is good till china beach then it turns to sketchy/sometimes scary, all the way to port renfrew. i pushed the tires pretty hard (to my ability) and there was nee a scary moment as far as traction was concerned. i have however had the rearend come loose under power through off camber corners @ubc. but i think that i was pushing a little(nothing to scary). other than that, the price is right and i like the way that they look..

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    Aug 2004
    wow great info ! thx tee tee for starting this thread.

    maybe you guys can add "price: pricey, average, cheap"

    that would give us a good idea how much it is
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    click, click
    Just replaced the massively overpriced and unpredictable Diablos with some Bt-014s. A perfect tire for the 9, very steady, it seems, over bumpy stuff. Slower on turn in but keeps its line through a turn and isn't fazed by changing surfaces.

    I'm pissed off because I've been fighting the damn Diablos for a year. They were making me feel retarded because I just could not get the bike to do what I wanted. Twitchy and unsteady are not words typically used to describe a ZX-9s handling but, that's what the Diablos did for it.

    Over all, thumbs down on the Diablos, thumbs up on the BT-014s.


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    Sep 2002
    In Your Girlfriend
    05 Gixxer 1000 LE Supermoto: 07 DRZ400SM Dirt: 09 Kawasaki KX450F Monster Ed. 07 Custom Chopper
    Size- Front- 120/???/17 Rear-190/sumting/17
    Installed on-2004 R1 (Gone Now DIE thieves)
    Ridden for Approx 8200 Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible-1 (performance) 3.75 (Longivity,SP?)
    Comments- Sticky, stable, solid, felt awesome and confidence inspiring. Hard to find replacements (early in the season), not cheap either. Treadwear wasn't that hot either, I cant see getting more than 9Ks for the rear. I'd recommend them to a friend, if grip and performance are key and not road tripping.
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    Member #827 Array CrotchRocketeer's Avatar
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    Aug 2002
    Maker: Michelin
    Model: Pilot Race H2
    Size: Standard sizing, 180 rear
    Installed on: '97 GSX-R 600 with big gearing
    Ridden for: 3000kms
    Rating: 1
    Comments: Absolutely amazing tire! Warming these up never seemed to be a proble, they were ready to go as soon as I hopped on the bike. I never had the tries slip on me EVER with the exception of one little powerslide on a sweeping downhill left. Incredible grip, incredible lean angles and incredible confidence out of these tires. I rode the snot out of them for 3000kms and still had @ least 70% tread left. Not a big tread pattern so heavy wet weather riding could be risking hydroplaning.

    Maker: Michelin
    Model: Pilot Power
    Size: Standard sizing, 190 rear
    Installed on: 2004 Yamaha R1
    Ridden for: 10 laps of Phillip Island GP circuit
    Rating: 1
    Comments: Another unbelievable tire. Totally confidence inspiring, it handled the R1's peaky power curve with ease, minimal movement from the rear end. Quite a soft tire though, they were pooched after a full track day (mind you there were magazine editors and semi-pro's beating on them for 8 hours). On the street you'd probably get 5000km out of them.

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    ??????? Array Defaulthonda's Avatar
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    Feb 2004
    medium red R
    Maker: Michelin
    Model: Pilot Power
    Size: Front 120/70, Rear 190/50
    Installed on: 2001 CBR929rr
    Ridden for: about 500km so far
    Rating: Front 1, Rear 2.5
    Comments: The review in the Superbike Mag tire test is far better than anything I could write, but.... I have only used BT's in the past 010 and 014 and my bike before, had bias ply's, so my experience with radials is limited.
    When I first had the tires mounted, they seemed quite "springy" untill warm. After a few hundred K's and a few heat cycles they have softened up like an old pair of slippers!! So much so, that I'm running them at the 36/42 psi recomended pressures. Again, very planted, esp thru fast turns, seem a little unstable straight up and down. Make you want to get on the throttle earlier and harder!! Brake hard, even in wet!! Take a while to warm up. Still don't think I'll get much kms out of the rear.
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