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    just bought an 02 gix750. I'm not an extremely experienced sport rider, but I've been riding for 10yrs. The question is: my mechanic had a set of bridgestone 020's in house whem I went for a certification. I like the tires so far, they seem to slip a bit in cool corners but otherwise seem o.k.
    Am i missing the boat by having sport touring tires on my sport bike, or does it take a pro to tell the diff. I've erased the chicken strips yesterday in some twisties and they seem o.k. What do you'all think?

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    Its 0x00FF00!

    Metzler spotec M1

    Maker- Metzler
    Model- M1
    Size- Front: 120 - Rear: 190
    Installed on- 2000 ZX9R
    Ridden for just under 10000 Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 2
    Comments- A very nice tire. If mileage is imporant to you then perhaps this is not the tire for you. As I use the bike for commuting (hwy), my rear center took a pounding. On fun trips I found the tire very predictable and conering was lots of fun (even with the 190 rear). Grip in the wet is okay as well. I kept the pressure as per manufacturer recommendation (36/42). The front did not develop any cupping and its wear was no way near that of the rear. Overall a very nice tire. However, the M1 is a few years old, so I am sure newer brands/model are there for better price, etc. (e.g. BT014s). For me the new set I have decided on are the Avon Azaro ST AV 45/46.

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    Maker- Michelin
    Model- Pilot Power
    Size- Front: 120 - Rear: 190
    Installed on- 2001 Triumph Speed Triple & factory tire on 2005 Speed Triple
    Ridden for just under 4000 Kms on the '01, 10000 on the '05
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 1 and 1
    Comments- the '01 now has over 79000K total and feels like a new bike again!! the 01s Powers with almost 4000 k looks like new and the 05 has almost 10000 Ks and many more left - commuter bike gets 250K/day, plus very, um...sporting rides on the w/e. Awesome grip wet and dry.

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    Maker - Bridgestone
    Model - 012SS
    Size - 120/70/17 180/55/17
    Installed on - 2002 F4I
    Ridden for - 14000
    Rating - 2
    I love these Tires. Grips great Wet or Dry. Heats up Quick. Great feedback in the corners. Drops into the corners like a dream and stable when leaned.
    However .. They didn't last very long : ( I should have replaced them after 11000k's .. I pushed it pretty far and I'm completly through the tread at 14k
    I think they are a great tire. I'm gonna try the Metzler M1 SPortec next.
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    This is my 7th set of tires on this (my 13th) bike. (second set of pilot powers)... On this bike all my tires have been michelin cept for the original bridgestones it came with but I changed the bridgestones because of all my crashes on the old school BT 56. I'd like to try diablos though...

    Maker- michelin pilot powers
    installed on 2002 954
    about 7k on rear (it's getting dead)
    heats up fucken fast (like a few blocks) gonna maybe stick with em....but i wanna try the diablos...never tried them yet! If you ride hard they don't last long, but are the softest tires to day (last summer i guess)

    PS (I've crashed on every other brand of tire I've tried in the last 16 years but the michelin....weird)
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    Jason #8,946,528 Array kromedome's Avatar
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    BMW Rockster 80
    Maker- Michelin
    Model- Pilot Powers
    Size- Front- 120 Rear-180
    Installed on- BMW R1150R Rockster
    Ridden for 200 Kms so far
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 1
    Comments- I've had to scrub these in in the rain, and OMG!!!! they rock. Did S2S today, to Squamish and back, and you wouldn't know that it was a cold, wet day; grip was awsome.

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    Storms of fate
    Model-Macadam 100x
    Size- Front- Rear- 120/70zr17 150/70zr17
    Installed on-2004 suzuki gsx600f (Katana)
    Ridden for_14,000_ Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 4
    Comments- these tires came stock with the bike, are not very good in wet weather but do last a desent amount of distance front is toast now but rear still has half life left. didn't have much trouble with them when it was hot out but that's about all i can say about them!

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    2008 Beemer (touring)
    Another ++++ vote for the Michelin Pilot Powers.

    Maker- Michelin
    Model- Pilot Power
    Size- Front- 120/70 Rear- 180/55
    Installed on- 2000 CBR F4
    Ridden for over 16,000 Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 1
    Comments- I replaced my Pilot Sports (came with the CBR) with the Pilot Powers. I immediately noticed a difference - these tires are predictable, have great gripping power & I've heard that they warm up quickly (I'm not technically minded enough to know this). I have a few more km's that I can ride these (but I'm not as an aggressive rider as most of you).

    I would definitely recommend these tires to anyone & am now looking for a new set.
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    Gotta vote with the Pilot Powers.
    Maker- Michelin
    Model- Pilot Power
    Size- Front- 120/70 Rear- 180/55
    Installed on- 2004 gsxr600
    Ridden for 2000km
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible- 1
    well, im not super-experienced at this, but the gsxr came with the OEM's and they were okay, one or two slips on the rear in about 6000km. at 9000km they were cooked. not to shabby. However, as soon as i slapped on the michelins, these were awesome. stable in the corners, much more confidence to lean, not to mention wAAaaay easier to get 'er over. I notice the same when stright up and down, feels like it wants to go to either side - but look at the profile, of course it does. anyways, i don't push it in the rain at all, but seem to stick anywhere and everywher so far.

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    Maker: Metzeler
    Model: Sportec M3
    Size: 120/70 front 190/50 rear
    Installed on: 05 R1
    Ridden for: 23,000 kms
    Rating: 1

    Had 218's on the bike stock... They were fine for hockey pucks, never let go just didn't give all that much feedback, and took a little to warm up... Good wet weather grip... Got 9500K out of the back.

    Had Pilot Powers and Dunlop 207RR's last year on the Buell XB (I know, I know)... Piolt's heated up fast, stick like glue, but got squirmy at the edge... Great in the rain too compared to the Dunlops... Couldn't tell you how long they last, as the bike got written off... 207RR's took forever to heat up on the street but once they did, they stuck like the Power's ....

    The M3's are great so far... Look like new still after 2,500 km, heat up within blocks, stable at high speeds, really good feedback (when you get close to the chicken strip, you know you're almost there since it gets harder to lean over because of the profile), don't slip even at full throttle coming out of apex (even with 2 teeth down in the front), didn't even square off after riding to hope/coquihalla to kelowna twice in a row.... Can't say about wet weather as I haven't tried yet (only had them for the past month)...

    We'll see how long they last...

    Update: So far I've gotten 5400km out of them, and the back still looks fairly fresh....Stuck great even up in Pemberton over the weekend, and are very predictable even when the rear started to slide out a little on wet pavement (didn't drop the bike, was able to straighten it out).... Love 'em!!!

    Another Update: So I ended up getting about 9500 km's out of the first set... I've got 7500 km on the second set of these... Can't say anything negative about them... They're great in the rain, heat up fast (until they're almost due to be replaced), give you great feedback when you're banked over, and rock solid at high speeds... I'll post up what I get out of this set when they're due...

    Yet Another update: Ended up getting 11,500 km's out of the last set (the last 3500km were mostly highway commuting and short local rides helped with the mileage).... On my third set... No complaints with anything... Grip, feel, mileage...that's why I refuse to switch...
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    Nov 2003
    '03 cbr600rr
    D208 ZR
    120/70/17 - 180/55/17
    '03 CBR600RR
    12,000 km's
    rating - 1 excellent

    just about worn down, will need to replace before next summer
    no track use, semi-aggressive dry street riding only

    would definately reccomend these tires

    will probably replace with the new Dunlop Qualifiers

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    You Betcha!

    Pirelli Diablos

    120/70-17 Front
    180/55-17 Rear.
    Miles ridden 8000
    Rating -1 (almost perfect except for wear)

    I changed the front profile from 60 to 70, because I heard the 70's had better turn in and traction due to the taller and flatter sides of the tire. It's true. there is more confidence in the front end for me, and as a whole the bike is better planted in the corners than the BT-010's I had previously. And I loved that tire. The only fly in the ointment is the wear factor. The 2 sets of 'Stones I had gave me 1/3 better tire life than these, but I bought them on eBay for $175USD + shipping for the set, so I shouldn't complain. I'll just buy another set for next season, considering that's what I paid for just a rear here.

    One last thing. Because Pirelli says the front tire displaces most of the water, the is no center tread on the rear. This is also better for accereration. Just get used to folks saying you rear tire is bald.
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    Nov 2003
    2001 Ducati 996
    Pirelli Diablos
    120/70 corsa compound
    180/55 reg. compound
    On a '01 Duc 996
    8-10 000 miles depending on budget and time of year
    Rating of 1
    Well, when I first threw a set of these on to my RC-51 back in '03 I was simply blown away by how fantastic these tires were in every respect. So good that other than putting a corsa compound on the front for that last little bit of ultimate lean confidence, I haven't tried anything else since. I find they have a very distinct sure footedness on turn in that might be described by some as a heaviness. They suit my riding style and choice of weapons but might feel out of place on a 600 or 750. Dry grip for a 120hp twin is exemplary, wet grip is good enough, finding out how good I find to be a distinctly risky endeavour. I tend to baby my tires anytime I'm not in the twisties, so if you're on the gas around town they may not last as long as I quoted, but considering the grip, the mileage is sweet icing on a very tasty cake. Highly recommended.

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    vancouver, B.C.
    1994 Kawasaki Concours

    Thumbs up Metzler

    Model-880 / 880F
    Size- Front- 120/70-r18 Rear- 150/80-B16
    Installed on- 1994 kawasaki Concours 1000
    Ridden for approx 5000_ Kms
    Rating- 1

    I have not really ridden this bike with the original tires for to long as I replaced them with these tires shortly after getting the bike. I have spoken to a buddy that has put about 150,000 kms on a connie and he speaks very highly of these tires. They seem to stick very well in wet or dry conditions and apparently last very well. The bike seems to handle very well with them and unless there was any particular reason I would probably replace them with the same. Seem to be very nice tires. That being said I don't drive the bike very aggresively. Buy em you'll like em...

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    Twilight zone
    Maker- Pirelli
    Model- Diablo Corsa III
    Front- 120/70/17
    Rear- 190/55/17
    Installed on- 2005 CBR1000RR
    Ridden for 1,000 Kms
    Rating- 1/Excellent to 5/Terrible - 1!
    Comments- I went to Mspeed to get some Pilot Powers cuz they look sexy and I've been hearing rave reviews, but Marbod showed me the new taller 55 series Diablo Corsa III rear. When comparing the Corsa III rear profile agains't the PP you can slightly make out two sharper curves outside the centerline on the Corsa III. Once i got them on the road you immediately feel the tendency for the bike to turn-in really easy - so much so that it was unexpected at first but I quickly got used to it and I'm lovin' it. The other main benefit of this Corsa III rear is that it is a dual compound tire, and now that I've put a few K's on it I can see exactly where the two compounds meet. Of course dual compound is ideal for road riding, along with the added corner grip and larger corner contact patch... its a perfect tire that seems to heat up quickly. The bike just feels awesome when entering and exiting corners now. Also worth mentioning is my suspension is stock with some slightly stiffer rear dampening, and tires inflated to 36psi front, 38psi rear. Haven't tried them in the wet yet, but by comparing the tread pattern to the Pilot Powers, the Corsa III should channel the water more effectively.
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