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    I tried the backpack thing for awhile but found that at high speeds the wind would grab it and I would be trying to hang on to the bike; I could also feel the bottom of the bag catching on the rear seat cowling;

    Type- Saddlebags
    Maker- Bullet
    Bike(s) used on- 2000 ZX9R
    Recomendation-1-poor to 5 excellent: 4 - a zipper broke but was fixed under warranty. I strapped these down nice and tight with extra bungee cords and the tail fairing showed no signs of wear after a trip to Laguna. The single zipper made access a tightly packed bag a little awkward to. I regret selling these ones.

    Type- Tailbag
    Maker- Givi
    Model- T439
    Bike(s) used on- 2004 ZX10R
    Recomendation-1-poor to 5 excellent: 4 - Very well made with nice carbon look material - it loses out on the top rating because of the cheap bungee cord ends and lack of protector flaps. But other than that - the tank bag concept makes alot of sense. I love the easy access that the large top lid provides and the fact that it straps onto the seat in adition to bungee cords. The bag carries enough gear for multi-day trip (sandals, waterproofs, shorts, camera) but unlike saddlebags - it would be very easy to strap on and go for riding around town for small errands. Downside is I feel it sliding into me but I don't really notice it when the riding becomes fun and I can't use the seat cowling. I also like having the option of adding saddlebags should I ever be permitted to have a couple of weeks of me time.

    Type- Tankbag
    Maker- Rapid Transit
    Model- Recon 19
    Bike(s) used on- 2004 ZX10R
    Recomendation-1-poor to 5 excellent: 5 - very nicely made with all the features but it was too long for the 10R'S tank and I prefer to get over the tank sometimes. I would definetly try their other products.
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    Unlike previous posts I have 2 packs one is a givi which needless to say is very nice but I wanted a smaller on and bought a MOTOPAK mini recently. I find it to be very reasonably constructed and extremely reasonably priced. I called Ryan in Westbank and for $50 delivered I got what I think is a real nice little tank bag. Bigger ones at most of the local shop are all around $100 for anything decent and he'll do a bit of a deal for BCSB members The first one I got was bigger and he charged me $40 because it had no rain cover, it was so close to my givi that I flipped it to a buddy who took one look and wipped out the cash. Anyway I love my new lttle one. Check it out
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    Where is good place to get a set of good hard bag for my bike

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    Quote Originally Posted by kinggixxer View Post
    Where is good place to get a set of good hard bag for my bike

    No affiliation, just a happy customer etc. They have Five Stars, Krauser, Givi, the works - and they ship. Great place to get MRA windshields too (off topic but I had a VarioTouringScreen on my FJ1200 and loved it).


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    Quote Originally Posted by dale-j View Post

    No affiliation, just a happy customer etc. They have Five Stars, Krauser, Givi, the works - and they ship. Great place to get MRA windshields too (off topic but I had a VarioTouringScreen on my FJ1200 and loved it).

    I've used Twisted Throttle a couple of times as well. Great service, fast shipping.

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    Joe Rocket Manta XL tank bag. Looks great, magnets work well. Has a built in liner to cover the bag for wet days, and comes with a shoulder strap and handgrip. It's about 8" x 11.5" x 6" deep. Useful for packing light, and has a pocket for your cellphone and a small external pocket.
    Thumbs up for the Manta XL.

    I also bought a Joe Rocket tail bag. It's nice, perfect for holding a helmet, or other items. However, I do wish they had a zipper off panel so I can keep the base strapped to my bike and walk away with my helmet in a bag. So if I want to use it, I have to unpop my rear seat and undo the velcro straps, so it's time consuming. So thumbs down for the tail bag. On the plus side I can put my helmet in it and it won't get scratched or scuffed. But really unless I need extra cargo space, the tail bag isn't that great.

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    I recently got a Kappa 48L top case for my Bandit.
    It's great to go somewhere and have someplace to lock up my helmet, or if the urge strikes to buy something that won't fit in a pocket, I can go ahead and do so without a second thought.
    I thought it would interfere with mounting & dismounting the bike, but it's mounted far enough aft, to make it a "non-issue".
    I've noticed no detriment to handling or increased sensitivity to sidewinds. I totally forget about it being there except when I catch a glimpse of it in my mirror....Of course all bets are off if I decide to do something stupid and exceed the loading capacity of the case by transporting a couple of cinderblocks in it.
    Overall, a great value for just under $400 (including the Givi rack). It has completely transformed the way I use my bike---now, if I choose to commute, it's a breeze. No more cargo nets! It's also easily detachible.

    That, along with heated grips, might be the best thing I've done to personalize my ride.

    Aaron at Modern Motorcycles did a great job hooking me up.

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    I can't understand why luggage is so expensive when you compare it to this stuff.

    I've had one of these for 3 years and they work great.
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    I have a 40 litre Givi top box on my cbr125. I was already sold on the Givi system because I had a small one on my scooter.

    Though it is expensive it is extremely handy and quickly pays itself off in daily usage. Unfortunately the 40L box can’t hold 2 full face helmets but it can easily take one plus some stuff. We've stored two armoured jackets and gloves in there but had walk around in boots carrying our helmets all day.

    I also have a small pair of saddle bags that are expandable. The only downside is they aren't lockable. I’d get lockable hard cases but they’re not made for this bike. Between the 40L Givi and side bags, I can fill up a basket at superstore and get it all home without breaking an egg.

    I've considered a tank bag but figured whatever I put in there I won't want to leave so I'd either have to transfer it to my backpack or lock it in the Givi. Plus the tank is so small the bag will definitely block the gas cap.

    The box Locksmith suggested seems like a really good deal compared to the Givi system as long as you can properly mount it to your bike. Lastly, I saw some Givi products at Modern so now is probably a good time to visit them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gspinckney View Post
    Type-hard bags

    Maker- GIVI

    Model-E360 side/top cases

    Comments-They are waterproof and far more convenient and secure than soft luggage. Hard bags are excellent for sport-touring, commuting, shopping...and serving as beer coolers--just fill the topcase with ice, pick up some beer, and everything will be chilled when you return to the campground, hotel room, etc. I'm much more comfortable leaving hard luggage on the bike when it is left unattended. Luggage removal is a simple matter of turning a key and pressing a button; the bags snap onto the rack with a simple "click". Wear on the luggage was negligible after ~80000km of use on my old bike.

    There are a few downsides: the cases will make your bike wider, so keep that in mind when riding in close quarters; a very small amount of water will sometimes enter the bag when it is opened while mounted on the side of the bike (a small amount can pool by the latch); the initial investment is expensive, but you can move the bags from bike-to-bike very easily, and they are easily sold used.

    Bike used on-VFR750

    Recommendation-5 Expensive, but if you use your bike a great deal, you'll get plenty of use out of the bags. Highly recommended.

    I bought these bags new in late 1997(?). I used them for several years on my VFR, before moving to a different bike. I sold the luggage to a friend who used it on his VFR. I eventually bought his VFR a few years ago, and got *my* luggage back. These bags must have spent close to 150,000km of time "on bike" since new, and continue to function without any trouble. Love 'em!
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    I have a pair of Givi 35 L side bags and a 45L top case. All bags have liners so the cases don't have to come off when stopped for the night. All bags have led lighting from Twisted Throttle. Brake lite, turn signals, running lights. '02 BlackBird, 163,200 kms of touring. Joe Rocket tank bag, 9 years old.

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    Come look at mine any time you want

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    Name:  swmotech.jpg
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    Type- hardbags
    Maker- Kappa (sister brand of Givi)
    Model- 40 litre panniers
    Comments- good cases, good price
    Bike(s) used on- 2004 honda CBR 600 F4i
    Recomendation-1-poor to 5 excellent - excellent

    The boxes are good. The rack for my particular bike is only available in europe. i had to wait 3 months for them. SW Motech is the rack brand, carried by 2nd gear in coquitlam and twisted throttle.


    rode thru washington and oregon with the panniers filled up (around 15 pounds each). panniers nor rack did not fail. trip distance is 1,600 km.
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