Routes North Vancouver-->Stave Falls, after work Monday 20 OR Tuesday 21, etc.
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Thread: Routes North Vancouver-->Stave Falls, after work Monday 20 OR Tuesday 21, etc.

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    Routes North Vancouver-->Stave Falls, after work Monday 20 OR Tuesday 21, etc.

    Hi all,

    I'm a new rider, on a supermoto'ed WR450. I'm not specifically looking for company, though I'd certainly enjoy it and appreciate the opportunity to learn from more experienced riders. Specifically, I am looking for a good route suggestion.

    Full story: I grew up in Whistler and moved to West Vancouver for grades my road-knowledge/experience is decidedly sea-to-sky-and-beyond biased. I'm wanting to increase my comfort/knowledge of things in the Harrison Mills/Harrison Hot Springs direction because I hear it's a good area and there are ample opportunities for starting dual-sport style rides in that vicinity (something I'm also interested in). Thinking I'd start off with an after-work blast out to the Stave Falls area as it's partway out there and won't leave me riding in the dark (I just got my bike recently and haven'thad a chance to get signals/brake-light yet so I'm super hesitant to ride after dark - until I get some runway-attendant illuminated batons at least ).

    Anyways, if anyone has any route suggestions for heading out that a ways, Lougheed Hwy, Dewdney Trunk Road area, please let me know - and if you're interested in showing me firsthand, all the better. Just let me know when's good for you early this week/post 5:15 and we'll make it happen.

    Thanks all,

    -edit- I'm going to post something VERY similar on dsbc so if you frequent that forum as well please forgive me if I make you read something twice.
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    At the least I would recommend getting your brake light installed before heading out anywhere on the street. It's too easy for other riders and cars to smack into your back because they don't know your braking. Besides, the fines and hassle if you get caught isn't worth it.

    I've starting to ride out Squamish way for Dualsport rides. Best to post on DSBC for those. I've got an XR650L running 17" wheels with dirt rubber.

    Here is a route I used to take out Stave way starting from the Pitt Bridge. New road construction may have changed the route near Thompson/144 ave.

    Dewdney Trunk
    Harris Rd
    McNeil Rd
    Thompson Rd/144 Ave
    224 st
    Dewdney Trunk
    Keystone Ave
    Hayward st. over the dam
    Wilson St back to Dewdney

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