British Columbia BCSB Stolen Bike registry
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Thread: British Columbia BCSB Stolen Bike registry

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    British Columbia BCSB Stolen Bike registry

    I thought I'd start a sticky for people to list their stolen bikes. This can be an easy reference point if you see something fishy on the market.

    To help with detailing the theft, report the date and location of theft, make, model, VIN, colour, location etc. Anything that could assist with finding the bikes / scum-bag thieves.

    It's also our duty to ensure used parts we buy are legitimately NOT from stolen bikes, or nothing will change.

    Post up, and lets see if making a difference can start here.
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    2008 CBR1000RR
    VIN: ending 000222
    Location: Metrotown parking lot

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    2008 GSXR 600
    More info:
    blue windscreen with a pedobear sticker in the middle front
    carbon fiber two brothers exhaust
    engine cover on left side scratched
    damage to front tire cover on right side
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    GSXR600 2008
    2008 gsxr 600, blue
    plate# K08655

    all stock except for frame sliders, hids, bar ends, spool sliders
    slight damage on right side

    stolen from vancouver kingsway, near safeway

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    1986 Suzuki DS400s

    White 2008 Honda CBR125R

    Bike: white 2008 Honda CBR125
    Plate: S66528
    VIN: MLHJC392585103993

    My wife's white 2008 Honda CBR125 with just under 15,000km and slight scratching under the right front signal pod and on the right bar end. It was stolen out of our driveway sometime between 10:30pm February 7th and 9am Feb 8th in the Yorkson area of Langley.

    No pics to attach, unfortunately, but you all know what they look like. Thanks a lot.
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    Posted for my friend Chris Vogt.

    1977 Kawasaki KZ 650, green
    Plate #: B91021

    Stolen today from Marine Drive at Wreck Beach.

    I'll post pics when he gets the to me.

    EDIT: Good news, the bike was found near 12th and Cambie. Punched out ignition, but otherwise ok apparently.
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    2003 Yamaha FZ-1
    Yellow/black "Bumblebee"

    Stolen from my underground parking possible suspect descriptions three males with a 19-20 year old female accomplice as a "scout" who goes in first to check if there's anyone who will defend the bike first. They may also be in possession of a Camaro 1967ish? Never bothered looking under the car cover because it wasn't mine, and another Honda gs 650? Again covered not mine. The Honda was definitely an 80's bike.

    Color:Yellow/black "bumblebee" pictures to follow when I get to my pc
    Stolen from: underground/gated parade after they broke into my car for the garage door remote and put a cigarette to my seat.
    Date stolen: April 15?

    Small tear in seat at seam
    5" superficial scratch on the tank and a small chip 1cm to the left of the center closest to the rider on the lip of the fuel nozzle
    White seal goo on the cylinder head
    Scratches on the right side of the front fairing/signal light
    Some very slight scratches on the exhaust can (stock)
    Plate S4-2597
    Pirelli diablo Corsa rubber

    Pictures will follow tonight

    If you don't already know about this check it out try it with my plate and vin above

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    Stolen :(

    Name:  4jxdp3.jpg
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    2007 Moto Guzzi Breva 750, Black Tank, Subtle scratches on the exhaust and last had silver tape around the headlight. License plate was S62926 and mileage was about 11,500kms. VIN: ZGULLC0207MII4254

    Stolen from underground lot in Victoria BC, probably in the early hours of Sunday the 15th. Possibly later.

    Any leads or information greatly appreciated.

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    a few pretties

    04 gxr stolen

    friday morning at 6am my trlr was opened with a torch and my beloved gxr was removed , if u can identify the douche bag or the spotter car in the video i will be posting i will be much appreciative

    the cube van in the video was stolen this morning as well , this took place at 82 ave and 124th st in sunny surrey

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    1994 Kawsaki ZX7R

    STOLEN ! -- 1994 Kawasaki ZX7R (easily distinguishable)

    Depressing that this has to be my first post, but here we go . . .

    Bike is incredibly loud with full Micron pipe. One header wrapped in white, the rest in black, with the can wrapped in white, as well. AEM UEGO wideband O2 sensor welded into a bung after the collector (visible below the driver's foot peg).

    Front lower fairing was off the bike when it was last seen. Full header is exposed.

    3 stickers on the front windscreen - RAUH-Welt Begriff / Team LIMIT / Circuit Soul

    Clear tail assembly on the rear. Clear front side-markers retrofit from a newer ZX6R.

    The dual round headlights really give it away. Also has 2 stripes of chrome on each wheel, pink anodized valve stem caps, and a checkered stripe on the lower side of the tail, closest to the seat.

    Insurance has completely screwed me over on this and is not paying me a cent. Please help me get my bike back. I just got out here from Alberta, and this is my daily driver. I came out here to open a shop and launch my new business-start up. Due to this entire situation, I actually lost the shop space I was going to lease, and am out a good chunk of change that I don't have the money to simply replace due to my current financial situation of launching a new business.

    This guy has been seen riding around consistently between Stanley park / downtown / Richmond / Surrey (especially around Central). Please keep your eyes peeled.

    It's an Alberta registered bike, but he slapped a BC plate on it. So if you see it, get the plate number and call it in immediately. If you can keep him within your sight until you get the cops on him, even better. Following that, please give me a call. Number is listed on the image below.

    Thanks. Really appreciate all the help I've received so far.

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    2006 DR200SE.
    Stolen in Aldergrove. Battery wasn't in bike.
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    2004 Triumph Speed Four
    Hey guys. Bike was stolen.

    Been told this is the best place to post about the great Shakespearean-level of sadness I now endure. The loss of a bike just really puts your whole life in perspective: the emptiness of life without a bike to ride, the impossibly long walks to previously "close" destinations, the excruciating hassle of public transpo, the mocking of an unused helmet when you come home every night, the pang of envy rather than camaraderie when you hear another bike cruise down the street.

    It's tough.

    So I'd be super appreciative if people could keep a lookout for my bike and the asshats who did the thieving.

    My bike is a bright orange 2004 Triumph Speed Four. One mirror on the left side, a shitty peg on the left. This isn't a typical bike you see everyday so I'm hoping someone at least gets a glimpse of this bike hooliganing down the street somewhere.

    Stolen off the street near Cambie and 6th.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    OH MY GOD I cried so much. My baby was stolen two days ago, from my apartment building parking lot.

    She's a cute CBR 125, white, with a brand new Givi box at the back, white as well. Flush mount front blinkers, Hindle exhaust pipe. She's pretty unique!

    It happened in North Surrey, (Cedar Hills area, a few streets south of Whalley, corner of 96th and 128th) in the night from Friday to Saturday. We came back from the movies Friday night after midnight and next day went out for lunch and noticed it was gone. Police was called right then and there, called ICBC too, and will call Beacon tomorrow. It's the one in my profile pic but here's another picture with the box. No dents, no scratch (except the "usual ones" from the tank bag). Almost 25k on it (went to Lillooet/Ossoyoos last year, Trail/Edmonton this year). I LOVE HER!

    Name:  2.jpg
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    HELP ME GUYS !!!

    Well, actually, help US. My boyfriend's scooter was stolen the next day. From the same spot. A blue BWS 125 with a black box at the back.
    Name:  P1040423.jpg
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    He says not to worry, they'll be found, once the joyriders run out of gas bla bla bla, but... I'm thinking worse scenario with an illegal rekey and a fake license plate they can ride it for as long as they don't get pulled over and get a VIN check. SO please, keep your eyes open for us!
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    Morning Everyone, Woke up at 5 am to find Alice is gone from our humble home in Langley Meadows. She is a 2000 Suzuki GSXR 600, black and yellow. VIN is JS1GN78A5Y2100823, BC plate S12732. She has the rear seat cowl on right now with tears in the padding so you can see the foam underlay. Lots of stickers on both sides of the lower fairings, with a black and gold Moto Mummy brake fluid cover on front reservoir. She had 90k kms on the clock as of yesterday and plenty of life left in her. I will try and find some pics to post later.

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    2000 GSXR 600
    Bike has been found by Langley's Finest.

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