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The raising of speed limits will be looked into "in the interests of safety" by Clark's friends.

So, she is basically saying on open, out of town, four lane highways. Not schools zones, urban areas, or bubble tea locales.

But, unforunately, it's not the laws so much as the idiot cops who have zero common sense. Saw a late model Subaru wagon being put on a flatbed near Hope with Washington plates on a sunny, low traffic volume day. Completely divided, four lane highway, and straight! What kind of an asshole of a person uses his power and authority to make a judgment call and do that to someone? It's a fucken granola person! How fast could they have been going? And since when did middle aged couples, wearing flannel, in Subaru wagons become a threat to our society? The whole reason for building a divided, straight, four lane highway is to go faster! A shit person of a cop is using his power and authority to fuck people's asses and the government thinks that's ok? Wtf? These cops getting their hard on's doing this to people is sick. But these fucked cops love doing it. It makes them feel so good, strong and manly. It's disgusting abuse. Many people hate cops. This is how they can get revenge on average folks who hate them.