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    BCSB Rescue Ops

    Bcsb Rescue Ops.

    If you need to be rescued and your insurance doesn't cover the towing, or if you don't have insurance or don't want to go thru your insurance, please contact the appropriate BCSB Member listed below for your region and if available they will gladly help you.
    This is a free service, however Karma goes a long way.

    Below is a list of members that are volunteering their services if you need to be rescued.

    Subject to availability

    seven, seven, eight, 242, zero nine, zero nine.

    Shovelhead covering baker runs,
    PM shovelhead from this site and a message will be sent to his mobile phone

    Way out of surrey,
    seven seven eight -eight three seven - three four one four

    Illa in pemberton,

    Stonecold= West Van & Gelato rides

    Crazyshannon in the valley.
    seven, seven, eight, 242, zero nine, zero nine.

    Hyacruiser = Mission Back roads

    CaribooBC = 100 mile house and surrounding
    two 5zero-seven zero six-seven 9five five

    PeeWee = South Vancouver Island
    PM PeeWee from this site and a message will be sent to his mobile phone

    To keep this thread clean, uncluttered and functional,
    Only successful rescue feedback will be posted below.

    Please keep the discussion in this thread

    Note: if you would like to be added on or removed from this list, please PM me directly.
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