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This isn't is. I specifically warned everyone to stop personal attacks.

Don't like what someone says? No problem, make a counter-argument.

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Pretty straightforward

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Wow, he was doing his job. Let me slow clap.
This is why you got so much grief Eddie. If you deleted this asinine post, you might not be considered a retarded cunt. If not? YUP you are exactly that.

Enough people have tried to explain how dense that post is, I will not bother.

I find you are(99 times out of 100) very good in what you post, that post sucks ass.

Have you ever had a friend die while riding? If someone posted an asinine statement like " He was speeding on a sportbike and died, Let me slow clap." What would you opinion be, of that statement?

YUP that would be a totally retarded cunt post.