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Kerunt doesnt like me after one time he was making fun of someone for riding stupid/crashing i asked didnt he crash his r6 half a dozen a times. After that i was the enemy.
I'll bite.

I have zero recollection of said discussion. Probably because I didn't crash the R6 half a dozen times, and because said discussion was a non-event, just like 99% of the drivel you post.

I'll even go a step further and remind you (as I've already posted this) why I don't like you: you're a degenerate moron that makes a lump of coal look (& sound) clever - a fact that everyone else has recently learned, too. I think you're an insecure, closet-depressed, and internet-addicted idiot that has little to no real, social interaction or connection with people outside. In many ways, I pity you.

Feel free to carry on with the usual, you're back to being nothing to me (& oh so many others).