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Thread: Tar snakes

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    Tar snakes are like gravel, and not freezing up is the best remedy.

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    Am I the only one who likes riding on tar snakes?

    Maybe it's because I've "practiced" on them enough...but when it gets to over 25 degrees, I purposely go find those things. There's this road on the way to a friends house (near PNE, when you go under that tunnel) that has snakes all the way through the turns. I like to take that road (at a slower than average pace) and experiment with how my bike behaves in those circumstances.
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    just becareful... that's all i need to say
    ride to last not fast.

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    i have to commute along king george hwy almost daily so i have gone on those things millions of times theres nothin to it

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    So who here has crashed due to losing traction over a tar snake? I can't stand how the municipalities & provincial governments spread that shit all over the place instead of precise application [at the very least] OR better yet ~ finding a better tech approach.

    Here is my point. Yeah, I can see the cost vrs benefit of annually sealing up road cracks with the tar to maintain the road instead of letting it deteriorate and then repave. Where is the intelligence in spreading tar lines that are 6 to 10 inches wide? The latest trick they're doing here on the Island is laying down a beach full of sand over top of the tar snakes in a pathetic attempt to have it cure faster. One of my personal favorites. Not only do I have to contend with a shit load of fresh tar smattered all over the place, but now I get to rip down Long Beach at a buck twenty for Christs sake. Completely lame.

    If I ever happend to lose traction because of this and total my bike, the department responsible for this practice better hope I'm dead.

    Shit happens. Ya gotta deal with it as best you can under your own terms.

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    Originally posted by Harps
    Am I the only one who likes riding on tar snakes?

    I do I do ...
    look where you want to go even if there's no chance in hell of actually getting there..

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    Good Post Pete man.
    Better to be well prepared than not. Sometimes it is unavoidable
    in a turn, corner or roadway. Best to stay in control and not panic
    with any sudden movements. Just be careful practicing.
    Be Happy for this moment.... This moment is your life.

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    Just a bump of an older and constructive safe riding post.
    It's supose to get real hot this week.
    Smile, you'll live longer.

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    Good post, glad it got revived.

    I just thought I'd add that first, not all tar snakes are created equal (for some reason the Brittania Bay ones seem to worst to me) and second, the tarsnake changes with temperature. Too cold they are like glass, too hot like slimy gum


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    There's a section on the Duffy that's full of tar snakes--and they're slippery no matter what the temp. Nastiest I've seen.
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    One particularly bad stretch are the curves on the northbound lanes of Cambie St between 37th Ave to 33rd Ave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSP
    There's a section on the Duffy that's full of tar snakes--and they're slippery no matter what the temp. Nastiest I've seen.
    I've got a section I think is far worse. There's a long piece of road on the Gold River ride that is beyond belief. I don't care how much practice I have riding anywhere in the city over them, there is nothing that can prepare you to ride that section at the same pace as the rest of that road. It's nuts.

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    back in the early 90's my wife and i were coming back from squampton. it was a hot summer afternoon. hauling ass around the corner , we both at the same time lost our traction, both bikes slid out about a foot. neither of us dumped the bikes, but fok was it an eye opener..... good post Pete, hopefully others will become more aware of this lil gremlin , on the roads

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    Like Rod, I hit one too coming home from Whistler last year. Kicked the back tire out another little bit while I was leaned in a turn. My eyes when wide, my heart damn near stopped, and when it was safe to do so, I pulled to the side of the road so that I could finish shaking. Just be smooth if/when you hit them.

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    There are a whole whack of them around Stave Falls dam and I hit them every once in a while. A bit of step-out soon becomes nothing to fear.
    Good topic, Pete!
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