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    Thanks for posting this.
    It looks like a very good time and your images are excellent as well.

    I am really impressed that you ride these bikes as far as you do. I love it. Knowing them as intimately as you do is
    what makes it possible I am sure. It would be fun to ride with you....just for the sound. Vincents make great noises.

    During day rides I have run into a fellow in Osoyoos that rides a 1952 Black Lightening. Maybe a 54 (I am a bit fuzzy on the year) his name is Will or Wilf. (actually, a bit fuzzy on most of it....)He bought the bike new and has ridden it regularly ever since. When I spoke to him last season he was on his first coffee run since getting the motor back together for it's 4th rebuild over the bikes life time. He was fun to visit with and had lots of stories.

    Based on what this chap told me, the distance riding you do is all the more impressive when you consider the value of these wonderful bikes.

    I just got back from the same area you guys went to. I treated myself to a hwy20 on the way home. What dates were you down in Cali and Eastern OR? We could have crossed paths. LOL.

    The image "Somewhere out in the middle of nowhere we needed gas, so this was it." was Kimberly OR. I stopped there too. I just had a coffee, and played with the dogs and kids. I spent the night in Spray and this was my morning coffee stop, it was already quite warm so I made use of there lawn sprinkler as well.
    Hwy 19 going south from Kimberly down to hwy26 (Dayville area) was a fabulous road. Great surface, amazing views, wicked twisties. I was through there June 16th.They were chip sealing hwy 19 from Spray to I chose to not to do that stretch and went south instead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianBird View Post
    Thank you, very kind and appreciated!

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    Great thread. Thanks for sharing the pics.
    Quote Originally Posted by bandito View Post
    Fallen Comrades?

    Some random twat who binned his bike is a "fallen comrade?"

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    So then we got back on another one and headed to Haida Gwai. One of my friends said he had a hard time calling it Haida Gwai and not The Queen Charlotte Islands. I told him that I did too until I went there, definitely Haida Gwai in my books now. Really enjoyed visiting the place. Sure, we log it and we fish it but the underlying Haida history is hard to gloss over unless you are really insensitive. Anyway, here's a few more pics.
    We went to Port Hardy and took the ferry to Rupert, then to Skidegate, back to Rupert, then rode back down. Good trip.

    Balance Rock

    The T & S shop in old Masset

    Waiting out the rain for 45 minutes. Glass of red and a block of cheese!

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    I regret I've missed this post and arrive here 10 months from the last one.

    In the LD (Long Distance) riding world there's a saying, "it's not the arrow, it's the Indian," that makes for a memorable riding experience..

    Clearly, you've taken motorcycling to a professional level that is to be admired.

    (I smiled when I caught the Supertrapp attached to the end of what I believe are the factory header pipes)

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