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    I use Pirrelli or metz. Both in their SC2/RS2 I have never ever used (but will this weekend) a SC1 since it is a weeee bit nippy (15-16º). I wear out a SC2 front in about 60 laps -- roughly wear both the front and rear at the same time. I use tyre warmers, but the metz and the pirrellis warm up quick and you have to trust yourself to ride harder and harder and gas it harder and harder because they do stick well.

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    Mar 2002
    2005 FZ6
    Maker- Michellin
    Model- Pilot Race H2
    Size- Front- Rear- 120/60 180/55
    Installed on- 2002 R6
    Ridden for 2 track days and one race day
    Rating- 2

    Excellent tires, long wearing, take a little to warm up or I need to ride faster. They felt much better than the 208GP's that I had before, lap times dropped 2 sec a lap at mission after changing the tires, could have just been a confidance thing, but the tires felt good.

    Looking for info on the new Bridgestone BT 001 DOT race tire..anyone? I have website info, but looking for real world info.
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    I use the pro corsa's right now even steeper than the super's ,180 on the back very fast tire ,very sticky sc2 (med) very compliant excellent feed back very accurate , highly flexible loves to do everything very forgiving , and good in the rain as the compound is quite pourous so good traction ,not great water clearing though 31 psi. in front and 30 psi in back . two oil changes then a new set of take off's so about 4000 km of non stop traction . have fun and ride safe .

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    Kelowna, BC
    irnieracing.com 05/08 zx6r
    Maker- Michellin
    Model- Pilot Race H2
    Size- Front 120
    Installed on- 2006 gsxr 750
    Ridden for 1 track day, and 2000km street
    Rating- 3.5
    the h2 is scary. locks up every second stoppy. Slides out on the track, and never gets sticky hot.

    Maker- pirelli
    Model- supercorsa pro
    Size- Front 120, rear 190
    Installed on- 2006 gsxr 750
    Ridden for 2 track days 1000km street
    Rating- 1

    Great tires. They are everything you need for the street and track. Just be very careful in the wet.. I'll never forget loosing the rear tire at 180km. corner 6 at PIR.

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    06' gsxr 1000 race
    Carlitos. Where are you in Spain? Do you race or trackday? I'm off to Montmelo, Albacete, Alcaniz, and a couple others next month.

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