Post: One step closer to WW3 Turks shoot down Russian jet
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According to the BBC the Russians admit they were in Turkish airspace for a few moments. They had been repeatedly warned and if they can't navigate any better than that this'll happen.

I doubt much will come of it other than tough rhetoric, as the Russians and Turks cooperate on many things that neither side wants to jeopardize.

Regarding NATO, there was an article the other day, CBC I think, an attack on one NATO country does not automatically bring all NATO countries in to the conflict, not at all. The attacked country has the option of asking for help, nobody HAS to respond. Although without a doubt it's good the have powerful allies..
You have to grasp the context here,, ISIS is supported by Turkey.. and others,,,

This is already a ME proxy war. The shoot down is an escalation beyond that proxy to direct conflict.

Russia was bombing the ISIS oil transport going to Turkey, that oil revenue was funding ISIS and Turkey warned Russia to stop bombing.

True, a NATO country must ask for help but other NATO nations must respond.

You now have a perverse twist where a NATO country is overtly supporting ISIS while another is seriously bombing them.

The next move is Russia's...