The Ninja 300 as a tourer
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Thread: The Ninja 300 as a tourer

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    The Ninja 300 as a tourer

    Motorcycle USA is 'doing up' a Ninja 300 as a project bike, and on the third installment they take it out touring... like, for 5 days and 1850 miles in NE Oregon, Idaho, etc - superb country - in the company of litre bikes, etc. Here's the report, which I offer as encouragement to anyone who's on a 'small' bike but who wants to 'go places'. Just go! Adventure awaits!
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    “Why on earth would an experienced rider want to bother with a little bike like that?”. as stated in the article. I can't believe a person would say that to another rider, especially a female for that matter. They would get a hearty F%$# you from me for a condescending comment like that. Great article though, you can obviously tour on anything, with the proper modifcations, both technical and attitudinal.

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    A Ninja 300 would be awesome on that route, because most of it is corners. But, me thinks the sections between twisty bits would be a challenge at 140. 150.160kph

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