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Thread: A week in Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana

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    Nicely done. How do you find the butler maps versus DH maps? Why the comment on pace in parks?

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    Talonz, I think the presentation on the DH maps is nicer than the Butlers. Cleaner, more open, easier to interpret. Mostly they don't cover the same ground, but here's an example of the same area: central California, the backcountry south of Oakhurst, northeast of Fresno. First, Butler:

    IMG_6541(M) by Don Serl, on Flickr

    second, DH:

    IMG_6531(M) by Don Serl, on Flickr

    the scale is different , of course, but see my point?

    the other side of the issue is that ( a) Butler are producing new maps, covering new areas, all the time; whereas the DH guys have done nothing new for many years; and ( b) the Butler maps are about $15, whereas the DH maps are twice ( or more) than that. I think it's over for the Destination Highways business formula...

    but bottom line, all information is worthwhile, so I own them all!

    as to why the comment on pace in parks, I went into this expecting to travel slowly in Yellowstone ( and I don't as a rule travel 'fast' in Nat Parks anyway), but the level of traffic on the southern route into Y'stone from the Tetons far exceeded what I imagined. this reinforced for me my typical pattern of travelling early ( before Memorial Day) or late ( after Labour Day) rather than in high season. but sometimes you have to go in summer - the Beartooth Pass, for instance, won't be open early, and probably would get awfully cold by mid-Sept.
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    Thank you for sharing!

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