Gear suggestions for commuting to the office?
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Thread: Gear suggestions for commuting to the office?

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    Gear suggestions for commuting to the office?

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking for pant suggestions for a commute to the office. I used to commute in the rain with textiles and change clothes but I've switched offices and lost access to a locker room. I'm now a fair weather rider but I'd like to ride to work and avoid getting changed in a handicap bathroom stall. It would be nice to both ride and work in the same pants. I could also wear slim fit street boots and skip a footwear change as well.

    1. Is there such a thing as Kevlar lined khakis? I have pretty awesome motorcycle jeans but that's too casual for my office environment.

    2. Is there a some type of protective over pant that I can wear over khakis and not wrinkle them too much? My current textile pants fit a little too tight to easily wear over dress pants and would wrinkle the crap out of them by the time I arrived at work.

    3. Any other suggestions?

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    I think the perception of safe is probably a bit far fetched with that type of gear.

    That said, a pant that use to be popular, not sure if made any more, were the BMW City pants.
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    Aerostich roadcrafter one piece. Wear your proper office clothes, just slip this on over top. Goretex, armour, abrasion resistance, can also be used for touring. Not cheap but a wise investment.

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