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    Yea Steve, *you are consuming this crap like three times reprocessed to Facebook friendly blend for the slightly less psychotic masses. *
    After that New Zealand shooting, I perused the Chan /pols a bit, where all the madness is beta tested, and holy fucking hell there are some crazy people out there. *There’s also a bunch of equally crazy nihilistic bastards egging them on. *

    Mainstream media is a good thing. *You don’t like cnn, fine. *Go watch bbc or Al Jazeera, or fox.

    If anyone reads links, topical re bbc. This guy seems to make a lot of sense. * Course he’s a law professor who has worked on impeachment stuff. *So slightly more credible than meme magik*



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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolDaddyGroove View Post
    I think we should wait for the full report. I don't expect anything surprising, but it would be interesting to see all the circumstantial evidence
    we're gluten's for a modern soap opera after-all..

    while i dont think MR Orange is fully exonerated, i dont really care anymore.. at this point we've got enough media lynch-mob mentality to last us 2 more decades.

    end result is a complete waste of a presidency, 4 years of hearsay n' twitter war.. great job 'democracy', you deserve a Pulitzer

    of course most of the stupid report will not see light of day, did anybody really think politics was about to drop its trousers and go full monty?

    these conspiracy / anti-conspiracy videos are always all the same and all utilize the exact same shock value stoopid tricks main media has been using for years.
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