Rider down on the Langely Bypass?
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Thread: Rider down on the Langely Bypass?

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    Rider down on the Langely Bypass?

    Hey I was coming home from my Action Motorcycle course and was travelling down the Langley Bypass Eastbound. On a side street just before Western Yamaha and Holeshot I saw a bike in the opposite lane with debris all over the place. The road was cordoned off as well which is another bad sign.

    I tell you when I see that so close to a couple of dealerships, I'm thinking the person missed the rhubarb...

    Hope they are okay.

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    yup, saw the chopper land in the street, life-flight or whatever. didn't take off right away - not a good sign.
    also may have seen a body under the bedsheets, but can't be too sure of that...big messy puddle when we rode by later that night
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