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Thread: My first leathers - do I need to go crazy?

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    yes, mine was customized by was shown during 2010 vancouver m/c show
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    Quote Originally Posted by digitalsky View Post
    I haven't visited them in a long time but I believe RSD in Richmond does some customized leathers:
    I see on here some people have pointed out cheaper leather suits usually aren't the best way to go, these "custom" suits are priced at 700. Considering some Alpine Star suits are like 1000 plus, this custom is significantly cheaper; is there any particular reason or is it cheaper material..?
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    Thought it would be interesting to share a little research regarding this topic. redblurr that suit sure brings back memories ! Working with protective riding gear everyday, I am always asked questions about this exact thing. The following is some good reading.

    Here are a few quotes from different places regarding this topic ;

    Hard armour usually consists of a hard plastic and is designed to resist abrasive and puncture injuries. Hard armour generally is used in conjunction with some impact absorbing foam or other material on the inner surfaces facing the body. This is because hard armour by itself does not provide impact/shock absorption qualities. Wikipedia

    Originally Posted by Waco Kid
    Maybe they don't expect people to put hard armor in that particular style of pants.

    Bingo! I just got off the phone with Vanson and that's exactly correct: The GP armor is made only for the racing suits and the knee circumference is made larger to accommodate that armor, when specified. When I told them what I did, they definitely had sympathy for what I must have gone through riding 5K Miles in that condition.

    On a related note, I spoke to one of their staff who is a racer and he claims that the soft CE armor is now being used almost exclusively across the board, including racers. Hardly anyone uses the GP any longer, according to Vanson. Vanson asserts that the protection is just as good, while providing far more comfort and maneuverability. How could it possibly be just as good? I'm skeptical on that point - but I'll certainly go back to using the CE for the knee/shin armor from now on. I'll probably continue using the GP in my jacket though, since the armor there doesn't bother me - it's just a little heavier.

    Any thoughts from anyone as to how the CE could be "just as good" protection as the GP? ADV Rider Website

    A very interesting comparison of do3 armor versus standard CE foam armor -

    A quote from an editorial on According to motorcycle experts at flamesonmytank the areas of your body that need the most protection (aside from your head) are the places where your skin is thinnest and the bones are closest to the surface. These places include your knuckles, shoulders, hips and knees. They recommend that you look for clothing that has thick, but soft, body armor sewn in.

    Article Source:

    Rubber Side Down Motorsport Clothing
    604 451 7843
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    Thought I would throw a recommendation out for motoport. It's pricy but it takes seconds to put on with a full length zipper, is great in hot weather and with a circumference zipper/velcro knees it's track ready.

    As everyone says it's great to buy protection, but make sure it's convenient enough so you always use it.
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