Rider Down 3/21/05 Oak St.
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Thread: Rider Down 3/21/05 Oak St.

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    Rider Down 3/21/05 Oak St.

    Rider down on Oak Street this morning. I have no idea what happened. His CBR was upright and intact and was on kickstand, still "on". Lowside?

    Rider wasn't moving and may have been unconcious. He must have been alive though, as firefighters were kneeling around him. Helmet was still on. The guy was in a leather jacket and jeans.

    I'm guessing the guy was OK but I was a bit spooked that he wasn't moving. Anybody know if he's OK?

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    Hope he's alright. Heard it on the news and know a few people around that area.

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    i think i missed that by a minute or so as i was in the cage headed down oak when ambulances were flying by in the opposite direction

    maybe the firefighters or someone else picked the bike up and moved it to the side

    hope he's alright

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    my cousin said he saw a 1000RR going into ICBC today

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    I saw it on my way to work today, it was an '04 red/black 600RR. I saw the ambulance leaving the scene and heading back towards the hospital. No sirens were going, so either the rider was fine and didn't have any serious injuries, or...

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    Funny cause i see a guy ride a F4 pretty hard southbound (towards Richmond) down Oak every morning. Hope the downed rider gets better...

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    going to move soon
    hope he is fine

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