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    whoops, missed that. That's cool Spike. I tried to update it a couple weeks ago, but didn't get too far. I'll do it as it's possible over the next week.

    I should be able to figure out the wiki thing too.

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    excellent, raises awareness... being a new rider, i know the thrill and andrenaline it gives, but reading all these...... experiencing one myself on friday the 13th..... almost got squished like a bug lol....

    anyone can have fun and speed...

    the question is how many can control that power?
    can predict all the moves.... can write their own stories in their life book
    don't let someone make the ending for you

    start doing these strategies now. today
    ride safe all

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    Savagebovine, nice work brother,this kinda post should be mandatory reading for all new riders,what scares me is the number of newbies walking into a dealership and buying a new sportbike with way o many cc's for their ability levels or lack there of,dealership irresponsability??? Id like to know how many new riders crash within their first year of riding,I personaly would like to see a graduated license program that wont allow for a newbie rider to get on a 1000cc sport bike and turn himself into a 200ft skid mark.Ive been riding for 7 years and only recently purchased a 1000 and still find myself in awe of just how much power that kinda bike can put out,scary to think of an inexperienced rider to have access to that kinda power and the inevitable temptation to do something stupid.we all make mistakes and hopefully learn from them(crashed duing 220km/hr and had seven long days to contemplate how stupid I truly was) i was just lucky to be alive to learn from my mistake,lets make sure the newbies live long enough to learn from the mistakes we all know there going to make.Be safe everyone.

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    Thanks for doing that for all of us. As a new rider, I found it very useful. Must have been a lot of work, but I am so glad you did it.

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    If we were instrumentally rational we'd all give up riding.

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    Good post! Great notes for Newbies for sure!
    Sometimes it'd be a suprise to find out who it is standing there beside you.....listening. What they hear may be entirely different.

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    Great post. Thanks for all the work. As a new rider this will be an important reference for me.


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    So as a rider, there are actually some people who don't have all this in their head while they ride ?.....

    EVERYTHING which occurs to you while you ride has to be accepted as YOUR responsibility .......... you simply cannot expect that some lame-ass cager will do what he is supposed to do, when he (or she) is supposed to do it.........take no chances and keep your head spinning to see what may be coming your way.......

    And YES, there is a speed at which THAT (whatever that may be) could have been prevented !

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    This is a great post...

    Makes me wonder, is the danger in riding directly proportionate to the amount or volume of traffic on the roads now? In the past, say like 25 years ago, has it always been as dangerous as it is to ride in 2008? Or is this something that's happended over the last decade?

    Obviously anyone but especially experienced, older riders please respond.

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    That is one scary long list, however it serves it purpose, a must read for all new riders, and even us who have been riding for a while. I think I heard this in a song once that

    "life ain't no dress rehearsal"

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    I just stumbled upon this. All i can say is that if it saves one life, it's worth gold. This should be mandatory reading for all riders, new and experienced. We are all vulnerable.

    I feel this article will particularly strike home for those of us who have survived accidents, both minor and major. I am one of these people. My bike was totaled, but somehow i escaped all major injury after being discharged from RCH. What scared me the most was how many "RIP" titles i saw and knowing all well i could of easily been one of those. I considered myself a safe and responsible rider, as i'm sure many do. But i had a moment of weakness and got caught being too aggressive. It only takes once, but someone up there gave me a second chance, something few get.

    Thanks for reminding us how fragile life can be. Lets all ride like it was our last...

    2 wheels are always better than 4!

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    Wow that's alot of work. I didnt see mine in there though :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misguided View Post
    Wow that's alot of work. I didnt see mine in there though :P
    I know all to well what happens when a stupid moment strikes , Took down a telephone poll at 170 k s ,,not much left of the bike ,,
    glad to have some gear on though, as it saved my ass big !! My advice the newbies is to take it easy for a year or so before getting to bold ,. Drive like you are inivisable not invinceable ,,

    My friend Limey has that saying on his site and how true it is, for the year of 2008. I was so dam stiff and sore for over 3 months and I could barely pull the clutch lever in my hand LOL ,, what can I say stupid moment !!

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    I've got one from earlier in the season to add, but I didn't bother creating a thread about it... I was coming back down from Hemlock on my bike... obviously the higher part is gravel, but I was back on the asphalt and taking it easy because it was dirty and dusty with patches of gravel. I was in a hairpin which looked clean enough so I gave it some throttle on corner exit and lowsided. So obviously, just because a road looks clean doesn't always mean it is, and if you're on a road that you notice is dirty/dusty/sandy/gravelly in places, ride the whole road as though it is dirty/dusty/sandy/gravelly, even if the road looks clean.

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    35 years of riding/lessons learned along the way.

    When i ride it is a sport where i match my skills,ability,experience and the capabilities of my bike against inattention indifference ignorance and sometimes malicious intent by the drivers of cars and light trucks. If i am tired or distracted I tend to take the car, lack of focus while riding is risky. I may be in the right but will always lose to the cager.
    Riding the twistys is still thrilling at age 51 as it was in 1973, the tires and frames are sooo much better, but i now ride to 75% of my ability to allow for gravel/sand,wet tar snakes,minivans on center lines or an error in my judgment of a safe speed. I do practice emergency braking,shifting my weight and exploring the cornering capabilities of my FZ-1 with the knowledge I will never intentionally approach 100% of our combined performance.The ticklers on my pegs are lightly scuffed.
    I have survived all these years by a mix of skill, judgment and good luck and it is with the understanding i am responsible for my safety, but will pay a terrible price for any mistake by myself or others. Always wear gear appropriate to your situation.
    The 69-bsa flexi frame,72-cb350 honda limited brakes,81-xl500 honda high speed wobblability,81-920rh yamaha loved to corner sorry i sold and now the fz-1 freakin scary wheely machine but loves to corner have been part of the best times of my life. Come march I will ride again see you on the road. The best sound is still a bike idling early in the morning!

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