How to post photos with your ad! -- Updated!
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Thread: How to post photos with your ad! -- Updated!

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    How to post photos with your ad! -- Updated!

    If you are posting pics of your bike that's great. Here's a little guide to help you add pictures to your post.
    Please follow this little guide to help you post photos with your ad. Any ad pictures in the photo gallery will be deleted.

    What's allowed? This is from the rules: No non-motorcycle or non-local life related pictures in the photogallery, everything else can be posted as an attachment in the open category for all of you that like posting pictures of small dead rodents, or what have you.

    The how to:
    There are a 2 ways to post photos in a forum, inline and as an attachment. Both instructions are given here.

    INLINE Images
    Inline images are linked from a photo hosting site (not bcsb) such as:

    Village Photos

    Image Shack
    Many of these sites are FREE! Use them.

    When you start a new thread there is a toolbar that has options for fonts, smiles, etc. You need to click on the button that looks like a little mountain. When you click on it a dialogue box pops up where you can paste the URL of your hosted image.

    What's a URL? It's the address of where your photo is located. For example the image below is from Above the picture is an address that starts with "http://" and finishes with ".jpg" This is the address that you paste into the above dialogue box.

    When you click "Ok" you will find the address that you have pasted surrounded by [IMG] tags. It should look something like this [IMG]hxxp://[/IMG]

    Attaching Images
    The simplest way to attach photos to your post but you can't choose where to locate them. Size is also an issue here as you can only attach an image that is so large.
    In your New Thread post below the box where you type there are "Additional Options"
    There is a box call "Attach Files" with a button called "Manage Attachments"
    Click the and a dialogue box comes up. It will look like this
    From here it's a simple as choosing a file from your computer and clicking the upload button.

    Good luck.
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    Please post reasonable sized photos. Anything much larger than 1200 x 1200 may be deleted at the moderators discretion as it makes it to difficult to browse the add.

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