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I'm going for a ride, you comin'?

If your going out for a ride and want some company, leave a note here with contact information. All posts must contain a date in the title or are subject to removal. Please note you are personally responsible for all of your own activity on this site, including suggesting rides that break any laws. Any posts found with such content will be removed. Ride responsibly.
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What's happening around town?
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Racing / Track

General racing and track discussions, upcoming races and related events. WMRC (Westwood Motorcycle Racing Club) news and discussions. Please feel free to post any questions or comments whether you are into racing already or just thinking about it. It
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Sportbikes All sportbike related chat

General Sportbike Chat

General discussion of Sportbikes
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New Riders Q & A

For the the newer riders to ask the questions, and the older/wiser to help out. Let's make these posts constructive people.
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Ride Reports

Detailed ride reports. Only great trip reports, your daily ride to Pemberton isn't required.
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Bike Movies

Related to all movies, please post pictures in the Pictures Archive.
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Bike Tech & Mods

Need help? Want to help? Talk about your bike mods and how-to's!
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Rider's Gear

Talk of gear for protection from the elements and the idiots.
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Stunt Life

This forum is to be used responsibly and is for information and learning. If your going to do it, may as well do it right. This forum is NOT for posting up times to do illegal activities.
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Supermoto Chat

Talk about the darkside here.
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Sport Touring

For the sporty.... touring type? Yes!
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Useful articles written by members, copied by members, stolen by members; what have you. Anything that's been useful can be moved in here by the moderators and cleaned up for your enjoyment. Users cannot post here.
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DirtBike / Dualsport Chat

Dirt bike chat only.
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Women's Forum

Share your riding tips and tricks with each other!
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Marketplace Buy, sell, trade 'em with your friends! Please ensure you post in the right category. NO COMMERICAL POSTS are allowed in this forum.


Only bikes for sale posted here. All accessories, etc in the other forum.
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Accessories / Parts

All parts and accessories in this forum.
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Non-Sportbike Related Buy & Sell

For all your non-motorcycle related parts and such (this includes EVERYTHING that is not a sportbike).
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WTB (Want to buy)

DO NOT post any WTB threads in any other forum. They will be deleted.
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Vendor Deals

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Motorcycle riding gear, apparel, parts, and accessories MOTORCYCLEiD.com
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Off topic Anything not related to sportbikes you'd like to talk about, please keep all off-topic chat here

Open forum

Non-sportbike general chatter. Keep it intelligent.
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