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  1. Rider's Gear
    Hi I read the thread about finding helmets and leathers, but I need the best selection for shoes (not boots) and bike covers (Honda midsize sportbikes). It my bfs birthday and I dont ride so I know ziltch about where to go or if the advice would be the same. He needs new shoes and a cover...
  2. Supermoto Chat
    Hey guys, I've got an 05 Suzuki DR-Z400SM. It's got the steering dampener mount already welded in place, but no dampener. Does anyone out there have one that can share whether it's really worth buying? At highway speeds I could see how it might be useful, especially when it's a little...
  3. Accessories / Parts
    Hi all, I've got a new Icon Accelerant Leather Jacket for sale. I only wore this jacket inside the house and never rode with it. I'm selling because it's my second jacket and I need the money for school. It's solid black color and features: 1.2–1.4mm premium cowhide Removable CE Field Armor™...
  4. General Sportbike Chat
    Hi Guys, I'm going down to Bellingham and Alderbridge in a few days. I was wondering if there is any huge sportbike stores down there that I can go in and try on jackets and get all my shopping done? Thanks!
  5. Accessories / Parts
    Last year a friend of mine died in a motorcycle accident. He was a member here as well. His widow and daughter have asked me to sell his various motorcycle related things as they need the money. Here is the list of what is for sale and it would be greatly appreciated by the family if all of it...
1-5 of 5 Results