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  1. '08-'11 CBR1000RR Akarp[ovic Evolution Full System, Titanium/ Carbon Fiber.

    Accessories / Parts
    Brand new unused beautiful Arkapovic full system for the CBR1000RR. Titanium header and connecting pipes with carbon fibre silencer. Very light. Retail on the system is $2500, asking $1100 OBO. I work at a motorcycle shop and got it really cheap so that is the reason I can let it go for so much...
  2. Removing db killer (baffles) from Akrapovic Evolution

    Bike Tech & Mods
    So I just bought an '07 KTM Superduke and it came with Akrapovic Evolution slip-ons (see pictures). The slip-ons have the baffles installed and so it isn't very loud. I want to take them out so I can get that real beautiful V-twin sound, but have no idea how. I already tried removing the...