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  1. FS: Bulldog 2way Motorcycle Alarm LCD Remote (Abbotsford) +freebie

    Accessories / Parts
    Sold my bike last year, just clearing out some stuff I didn't get a chance to install. Bulldog 2 way LCD remote motorcycle alarm. LCD Remote (2 way) 1000foot range silent arming motorcycle locating with light and sound shock sensor ignition trigger trigger memory auto rearming Asking $120 OBO...
  2. Alarm system info needed

    General Sportbike Chat
    Okay so another one of the brothers got his bike lifted from the underground parkade in our building on the weekend. That makes 2 sportbikes gone in 3 months. They tried to get the KTM a few stalls down but failed. I'm thinking of getting an alarm with a remote for my Gixxer 600. Any thoughts...