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  1. Accessories / Parts
    I have the cowling from my old bike available. It's for an SRAD. It's currently painted white but it's super easy to repaint. Perfect condition part. Selling for $35.00. I also have a brand new in package Clutch cable for the same bike. $15.00 for the clutch cable. BOTH for $40.00. I also...
  2. General Sportbike Chat
    So I ride a gs500, and one day last week I decided to coast in neutral downhill for two blocks near my house. The engine was pretty close to operating temp, maybe not fully though. Anyways I came to a complete stop after coasting and engaged it in first gear then the engine died, started it up...
  3. Bike Tech & Mods
    Hey guys, I am going to be doing some minor servicing to my bike this weekend and i had a few questions about some things i want to work on. Here's what i want to do: Change oil (filter + oil) Clean Air filter lube chain tighten clutch cable (The clutch level is a bit loose due to a loose...
1-3 of 3 Results