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  1. Fairing Repair for Small Amount of Missing Plastic

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Someone did a hit and run on my bike yesterday. :( They backed into it, knocked it over, pulled it back up and then left like nothing happened. I got a cracked left rear set and some scratches/grind marks. The main damage was my front upper fairing. It cracked and a little piece broke off but I...
  2. Irnieracing.com presents: "Elbow Down"

    Bike Movies
    57659777 Marcel Irnie was nicknamed "Elbowz" by the Oregon corner workers for obvious reason. OMRRA October finale 2012 presented by Irnieracing.com AMSOIL Synthetics (1.250.869.2515 / [email protected])
  3. Bike smashed by a car in my apartment parking spot...

    General Sportbike Chat
    Seriously WTF is wrong with people... I get home tonight and 5 min later hear a big *crash* outside, run to the balcony and see that my bike is laying on its side, and some gray SUV is pulling away from it (from my parking spot) and about to drive off, i saw their licence plate partially...
  4. IrnieRacing.com 2010 Greatest Hits Video

    Bike Movies
    Marcel Irnie from Irnieracing.com produced a compilation HD video featuring the greatest moments, passes, crashes, and burnouts from 2010. 20527653 Cheers Marcel Irnie www.irnieracing.com
  5. Irnie Fine-tunes in Spokane‏: HD RACE VIDEO + crash caught on film

    Bike Movies
    Spokane Motorsports Park, Spokane WA May 30, 2010 ONBOARD HD Video Documentary available at irnieracing.com Superbike racer Marcel Irnie of Kelowna enjoyed a productive, albeit abbreviated trip to Washington State for a May 30th race at Spokane Motorsports Park. Leading up to the weekend...
  6. Irnie's Televised Races, CDN National 2009

    Racing / Track
    2009 TSN Footage in HD 720p. 2009 Parts Canada Superbike National Racecity, Calgary Alberta, June 28, 2009. http://vimeo.com/7532715 2009 Parts Canada Superbike National (AMP) Atlantic Motorsport Park, Nova Scotia, August 7, 2009. http://vimeo.com/7513670 (Irnie's first crash of the year)...