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  1. Where to dirt ride in bc

    DirtBike / Dualsport Chat
    I'm Looking for SURREY and LANGLEY Where do you ride? NO B.S. just share the location and keep your opinions to yourself LOL :devillook 19347 24 Ave Langley (ish area) 14943 54a Ave Surrey (ish area) Google maps shows trails there. ANYWHERE ELSE for a couple hours of fun Thanks all that help. Mel
  2. WTB: 250cc ish dualsport

    Hey guys. so, i've been getting the urge to ride in the dirt lately, and it's grown strong enough that i'm trying to get my hands on a dualsport. I don't have much dirtbiking experience, so i'm looking for a 250 - 400cc. Must be a 4 stroke, and not something i have to rebuild every so many...