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excessive speed

  1. Higher Speed Limits: Debunking Myths

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    The pressure to maintain the speed limit status quo came from many groups with their own perspectives (BC Trucking Assn, RCMP, Chiefs of Police, Ministry of AG etc). Some prefer to maintain highway speed limit hypocrisy based on long held beliefs that have been disproven. Either way, the back of...
  2. Three motorcyclists see their rides impounded after they were busted going 130km/h in

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    And one couldn't stop in time to obey the laser operator and ended up dropping his bike http://globalnews.ca/news/904013/three-motorcyclists-see-their-rides-impounded-after-they-were-busted-going-130kmh-in-60kmh-zone/
  3. 18,000 Excessive Speed Impoundments so far and no slowdown in sight...

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    *18k vehicles seized so far for excessive speed * seizure rate rising, not falling * on one weekend, Hope Towing racked up 55 tows * 104 impounds since June in Manning Park / Skagit Bluffs The subject of the story, Andrew Scott is "flabbergasted" as he's one of those (like almost everybody)...