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  1. Kelowna Riders?

    Interior riders
    Hey, just moved to kelowna and have no one to ride with. Any bikers out their wanna go riding this summer. I'm trying to find good twisty roads around here and could use some local advice on where to go. let me know!
  2. Friday May 13 *11:30am* Squamish RUN

    I'm going for a ride, you comin'?
    I seen a later run posted for 6pm, but I ain't down for my boys freezing to the seat. Weather is calling for High of 16 and Low of 8 in West Vancouver, High of 15 and Low of 6 in Squamish. Should be a nice ride up! :rockon When: Friday, May 13th Meet At: White Spot, West Vancouver (Marine Dr /...
  3. Riders in Coquitlam/Port Coquitlam ??

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hi there...I recently purchased a 2009 GSX-R 750 from Orcha Bay Suzuki in Port Coqutlam. They mentioned to me that there is a group that meets at the Esso across the way from them (usually on Wednesday evenings). Can anyone tell me about this group? (ie: age range, riding ability, any girls...
  4. Calling all gnomes.

    Open forum
    With the new upgrade to the forum, there is now a "social groups" feature in your profile (among other useless additions :laughing). I hereby invite all experienced troll masters (level 3 black belt and up) to join the most important social group on BCSB. If you can't figure out which group it...