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gsxr 1000

  1. Winterizing your bike

    General Sportbike Chat
    Hey guys, so i have already taken out my battery an put that on a charger, now as far as fuel stabilizer go should i use it or can i just drain the tank next riding season. I really like to ride new season with nice fresh 94oct gas. If stabilizer must be used any brand recommendations ? thanks :)
  2. WTB 2008 suzuki GSXR 750

    WTB (Want to buy)
    :bowdown:bowdown my number is 7788659777 feel free to text me, or email me at [email protected]!! plz send me pic. and reasonable prices.
  3. Wtb Gsxr 750 - 1000 , zx10 , r1

    WTB (Want to buy)
    Hi as title says , I'm looking for older bike for next season , I'm interested in gsxr 1000 years 2003- 2005 , Gsxr 750 years 2004- 2006 or r1,zx10 or z1000 post 2003 . I'm not in rush , planing to wait till winter time when prices will drop down . If you have got anything that could interest...