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gsxr 600 or 750

  1. 2004 GSXR 600 TPS mod

    Bike Tech & Mods
    Question is that on my '04 there is a primary and secondary TPS. Primary under the servo and secondary on top of it. When doing the mod to adjust it, is it the bottom one or the top? I need to adjust it to correct a bit of low end herky jerky performance. It also has a PCV in it as well. Thanks
  2. FS: Stock 2008 GSXR-600 Various Parts including Exhaust

    Accessories / Parts
    I have several factory parts for a 2008 GSXR-600 that I am taken off for upgrades to my bike. Kickstand $50 Stock Muffler $500 Headers / Cat $500 Headlight Assembly $300 Lower Side Fairings (No Damage) $100 each Upper Side Fairings ( Scratched) $100 each Please message me for more info...
  3. '04 Gixxer 600 PCV map codes

    Bike Tech & Mods
    HI Installed a PCV and used the 08 map codes for the 600 with a full Akro as per Dynojet. It still has some flat spots and is running rich in the lower power band. Need some advice on how to tweak this and smooth out the performance. Have a laptop with the software installed but just need some...
  4. WTB Rear seat for 04 Gixxer 600

    WTB (Want to buy)
    Looking for one if anyone has it. Thanks
  5. WTB Rear seat for 04 Gixxer 600

    WTB (Want to buy)
    If anyone has one kicking around
  6. WTB Rear seat for 04 Gixxer 600

    Accessories / Parts
    Anyone have one? Thanks
  7. Good price for 2002 Suzuki GSX-R600?

    New Riders Q & A
    Hi, I am looking into buying a used suzuki GSXR-600 2002 model off an ad from craigslist. The bike's frame seems to be in good condition it has never been i nan accident. It has frame sliders so if it was dropped it should be protected although u can see scrapes on the protectors. The tires are...
  8. Suzuki GSXR 600 2001 - $4000

    2001 SUZUKI GSXR 600 for sale. Only 13500 kms and never ridden hard. Just had the oil changed and a new battery put in so it’s ready to ride. This motorcycle has Yoshimura exhaust, ostrich leather seats, flush mount turn signals. I am also throwing in a nearly new Joe Rocket Sonic riding jacket...
  9. Need 98+ 600 or 750

    WTB (Want to buy)
    Hey, I'm looking for a 98+ 600 or 750 sport bike, not too picky but has to be in good shape with low km's looking to spend about 4's, needs to be streetable (track bikes ok but lights and what not need to be under 4 g's) r6, gsxr 600 or 750, cbr, f4I, zx-6 ext. ext, pm or give me a call...