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  1. HJC Clear Face Shield - BRAND NEW! $15

    Accessories / Parts
    For sale is this brand new face shield. Original HJC model HJ-05 and will fit SY-MAX, FG-12, AC-10, CS-12, and CL-12 model helmets. If interested, send email to: [email protected] Thx!
  2. FS: HJC CL-14 Helmet

    Accessories / Parts
    I have an almost brand new HJC CL-14 helmet. This is my fiance's helmet and has been wore less than 10 times. Size S. Comes with a smoke visor and the regular clear visor. The color is more like purple in person. Selling for $120.
  3. HJC CL-16 Helmet - White - Large - $100 OBO

    Accessories / Parts
    SOLD! Thanks for looking! For sale I have a white HJC CL-16 helmet, size large. Comes with mirror and original clear visor, carrying bag, and anti-fog insert. Barely used, about 5 times at the end of the season. NO cracks or scratches. NEVER dropped or put on the ground top first. Meets BOTH...
  4. HJC Helmet - $99 - Wore Twice - Size Large

    Rider's Gear
    Too big for my wee little head. Great road helmet. Check the specs online. Unfortunately, a relative picked it up for me for a riding weekend, but didn't think about size (which I thought always matters...ha!). I live in Portland, Oregon. I'd be willing to ship it if anyone is interested. Not...
  5. FS: HJC CL-15 XS Helmet w/tinted visor. used twice

    Accessories / Parts
    Hey guys, bought this for a girl with a small head---didnt work out. used it twice for 2 quick trips to the beach., XS comes with clear, tinted visors and bag still. call 604-562-8526 or pm me. I'm downtown.