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  1. **24 hour suspension question** as an n driver please help.

    Open forum
    anyone out there with some knowledge about 24 hour suspensions when you are an N driver? can't find any information anywhere. So basically ill tell you a little about my situation, I used to be pretty dumb and drive around with my buddies smoking pot. Yes I realize it was wrong so I don't need a...
  2. ICBC announces a 4% rate increase request

    General Sportbike Chat
    ICBC applies for a rate increase. Three points: 1) It's a cynical move to announce on a Friday before a long weekend (and typical) 2) Hey aren't the changes to the MVA working like we're told (including the cell phone ban)? 3) Maybe now's the time to discuss the $1B lifted from ICBC's reserves...
  3. S2S MC/Vehicle impound media feeding frenzy today

    General Sportbike Chat
    Gotta hand it to us Canadians in that we'll take theft of our vehicles with a smile on our faces...just don't let our hockey team lose a playoff. Today on the S2S, the story hungry bored media doing their part to promote the usual long weekend dog and pony show (without context until I showed...
  4. Bike got knocked over $%#&

    General Sportbike Chat
    Just went out to take my bike down the road to get some groceries and what i found when i got to my bike nearly made my heart sink all the way down to my toes... Someone knocked my F*%$ing bike over, rear left fender completely destroyed, left turn signal was smashed into the bike so now there...
  5. ICBC -- Enhanced Drivers License -- Who has it?

    Open forum
    Due for renewal and wondering how many have recently changed over to the Enhanced Driver's License? http://www.icbc.com/driver-licensing/getting-licensed/edl/edl-apply#Variables._frag_ I guess it's more of a convenience to have but between the lines, I also don't want to give ICBC more money...
  6. How much do you pay for insurance?

    General Sportbike Chat
    How much do you pay for insurance a month? couldn't find anything with search, so new thread.